Create Custom Post Types and Custom Fields without plugin and display them with GenerateBlocks


If you usually read WordPress notes here, you will know that one of my hobbies, almost a religion, is to do without plugins everything for which a plugin is recommended, so I learn something along the way and improve performance.

This tutorial explains how to create Custom Post Types and Custom Fields without plugins and include them as a mandatory plugin (MU) and how to display custom fields within aQuery Loop of the free version of GenerateBlocks.

What can be done in a much more simplified way with a plugin like ACF or similar, allows those of us who don’t know how to code, but like to tinker, to achieve the same results using a couple of online tools, also free, like GenerateWP (optional registration to save code), WP Skills (only requires free registration to save your snippets) and GenerateBlocks.

Crear Custom Post Types y Custom Fields sin plugin y mostrarlos con GenerateBlocks

I’ve replicated the video example as an exercise, I’ve tested it for the documentary page and it works as it should. If you don’t need to create a lot of fields it’s very useful to save you installing one or two plugins.

Thisbit has in his Youtube channel other interesting tutorials to do curious things with GeneratePress and GenerateBlockss, template and set of blocks that little by little are improving as a combo and getting closer and closer to become a real, very light but powerful “builder” for WordPress.

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