Fascism, reflex action

Acto reflejo

Reflex action

The cartoon of 29/04/2017 in CTXT

Finally, the criminal (proud of his Nazism) who assaulted the guy who was sitting on a terrace in Bilbao was arrested (and released on probation) along with his two colleagues (released with charges) in Benacazón (Seville).

He will be investigated for a crime of incitement to hatred aggravated by its dissemination on social networks. They have all been fined.

The judge has banned him from participating in social networks and ordered him to leave Seville.

Amongst all the bad things that the internet has brought us, such as fake news, the non-stop chatter, the agony of the click, the noise of the social media and other little pieces of crap, there are some, many, very good things.

One of them is that it allows the brainless to publicly confess their crimes. They also expose their evidence to the world in an act of narcissistic craziness that makes it easier to arrest and prosecute them.

Not so long ago, after committing any misdeed, big or small, even the most dimwitted would try to slip away unnoticed in order to slip away without leaving any clues. The modern idiot portrays, records and broadcasts himself in order to give himself away with global coverage and thus confirm his stupidity.

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