How many times will Elise be kidnapped?

How many times will Elise be kidnapped?

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On my way back home under one of those suns that turn the brain into a chickpea stew, I had to stop to replenish liquids and on this can machine I found again the photo of Elise, a face that seems very familiar to me because I've been seeing it for months in mails that people keep forwarding like crazy.

On the poster the "new date" of her disappearance is now 19 April 2009 with the same photo and the same details from those same emails that talked about her disappearance with earlier dates.

In the poster, for more confusion, they add an incomplete number plate of the Renault Modus in which they say she was taken.

Searching is always a chaos because there are as many versions as you can imagine, in this news item you can read that she was abducted on 20 March and rescued 13 April 2009 in Hungary, information that is more than widely spread by the agencies.

It seems that this girl has been kidnapped at least three times in two years and there are already so many dates about her last disappearance and release on the internet that you could make seven whole calendars with all of them.

I can't find another way to put it, there are an outrageous amount of fools per square centimetre who relentlessly bounce fake, manipulated or case-solved news stories spreading distorted stories like a fucking virus without questioning anything else, not even a simple search to try and confirm their veracity.

We know so many children by email who are wanted and who never disappeared or were found that they already seem like family, but then we start to see those who make photocopies of these posters and also put a stamp on the date or any other "important" information and stick them up in the street "to help"

The funniest thing is that when you tell them that it is false or that the person appeared, they add annoyed:

"Well, whatever, just in case".

Some get pissed off and are even surprised to discover that they have been set up with a macabre scroll, but they relapse.

It's a very curious reaction, worthy of study, there are more and more people who turn into armchair detectives, into sensitised investigators in solidarity, into someone committed to spreading any news of dubious origin, the more lurid the better, even turning stories, sometimes real ones, into a hoax of perpetual legend.

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