It should not happen

It should not happen

It shouldn't happen. Cartoon of 04/12/2022 in CTXT

I'm hooked on the Joakim case, also known as the "Titi Muñoz" case, after the nickname given to the mayoress of Marbella and senator for the Partido Popular, Ángeles Muñoz Uriol, and I don't know the origin of the case, although, honestly, I don't give two to three kilos of cucumbers.

"Titi" Muñoz is married to Swedish businessman Lars Gunnar Broberg, who has a son called Joakim Peter Broberg. These two were arrested in 2021 for allegedly belonging to a criminal group, a subsidiary of the "Mocro Mafia", involved in the trafficking of large quantities of marijuana and hashish between Andalusia and Sweden

Lars was arrested in Marbella (and released shortly afterwards) and Joakim in Brazil, five months after his escape from Spain. Joakim was identified by the police as one of the alleged ringleaders of the Swedish criminal organisation. At least nine other people, including Swedish businessmen, were also arrested.

Among the first arrested in February, already released on bail, was a former deputy mayor of Marbella, a member of the local police force. Judge Abascal charged him with bribery and disclosure of secrets.

The Anti-Drugs Prosecutor's Office of the Audiencia Nacional and the judge understood that they had sufficient evidence to indict Lars Gunnar Broberg for membership of a criminal organisation and for laundering large amounts of money from drug trafficking

A report by the Guardia Civil's Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) revealed a conversation between Joakim and his "partner" Mark Holmen, in which Lars' son and the mayor's stepson said: "Now we have won too. Because now we have the Junta de Andalucía. We have Marbella. We have Estepona. We have everything. The city is ours. Basically, we have the whole fucking Andalucía"

Although there is no open case against the mayoress or the town hall, the whole thing smells a lot of shit from afar and "Titi" is having a hard time of it. Her ex-schoolboy, arrested in February, testified before the judge that the mayor ordered him to hand over confidential information to her stepson.

At this point, what is shocking is the reaction of the mayoress of Marbella. According to her, the whole thing is a campaign to "discredit Marbella" and a political attack. Furthermore, she pulls an Ana Mato on everyone, trying to convince everyone that she was oblivious to the alleged narcotics activities of her family and their generous profits.

Thus, she assures that her more than twelve kilos of euros of wealth are the result of her work as a doctor (a job she left in 1994) and that her family is rich and so on. She also claims that part of it was received as "donations" (who knows), but official documents prove that Muñoz did not acquire "all" of her wealth "before" she became mayor of Marbella.

Titi Muñoz, who used to take a Loewe pillow to the town hall to have a fluffier and more fashionable seat, with a yacht, a luxury mansion with a swimming pool where they ride jet skis and where there are racing cars in the garage, a duplex in Benahavís, a house in Sweden, another in Madrid, a berth in Puerto Banús and reverse mortgages abroad, continues to insist that she knew nothing about anything.

Look for other information on the Titi Muñoz case, there is plenty of it and it is all very funny.

Titi and his family's move promises new chapters that will surely continue to remind us of the best passages of Gilismo and its famous "trinques".

As a reference for the lost, the banner of the cartoon alludes to this infamous campaign of the Xunta de Galicia that was in the news these days.

Here, the wretched ideologue of the pitiful final message is carried away by a murderous but that gives away the true position of the party that manages the Xunta in matters of gender violence. It shouldn't happen, but it does. Things that happen, inevitable. Give up and don't wear sports tights or it will be your fault if you end up lying in a ditch. Nothing can be done, or what amounts to the same thing: we don't give a damn, they tell us openly.

I don't know where to start. There are so many things wrong with this shit that any analysis would seem a string of truisms and even an explanation for idiots, which is exactly what the Xunta de Galicia thinks we are.

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