Translation: Monument to the ideology of the extreme right.

Cartoon of 14/01/2023 in CTXT

January 8, 2023 will be marked forever on the calendar, as January 6, 2021 was for the assault on the Capitol, thanks to the fact that hordes of fascist followers of Jair Bolsonaro stormed the Plaza de los Tres Poderes in Brasilia and forced their way into the Congress building, destroying everything in their path, including works of art, and behaving like mindless fools. This is normal considering that they are sympathisers of someone even worse.

Thousands of people, described by the government as terrorists, stormed the Green Room of the Chamber of Deputies and also tried to invade the Planalto Palace. Of the 1,000 people arrested, only 39 of them will be prosecuted so far.

The Bolsonaristas demanded military intervention and the resignation of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the winner of the October elections. In other words, they were calling for what is known anywhere as a coup d'état. That's how the extreme right is, what it can't get by force it always wants to steal by force.

A few days later, the Brazilian authorities found a draft coup d'état signed by Bolsonaro in the house of former Minister of Justice and National Security Anderson Torres.

Now, Brazil's Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has included that coup draft in an investigation into former president Jair Bolsonaro's campaign for re-election.

And Bolsonaro, from his comfortable shack in Florida, knowing that his political career has come to an end, is trying to regain some ground and claims that he "regrets" the assault on power by his supporters and calls it "unbelievable". With these statements, the fascist Bolsonaro raises another monument, this time to hypocrisy.

The image of a redneck wearing a hat, wrapped in the Brazilian flag and climbing on a piece of furniture on which he shits is the perfect graphic representation of the extreme right, applicable to any country in the world.

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