My Garfield Vacation: A Historical Voyage (2020)


Quinton Kyle Hoover is a Youtuber and Garfield lover who published in 2020 this curious and amusing research on the evolution of the character and his different representations in all kinds of media.

Six months to prepare a journey through the lost history of Garfield, from Fairmount to Muncie (Indiana).

The 100-minute documentary begins with an animation telling the motivation for the journey. When Quinton was a child, his father worked at a printing press, which he used to pass on his passion for Garfield. Like many Generation X parents, he wanted Quinton to know about the pop culture phenomenon, including the Garfield strips, which were at their peak at the time. It was the 1980s.

This nice gentleman would assemble about a week's worth of Garfield strips on a sheet of paper on both sides and every few weeks he would print out a couple of pages of strips in chronological order, bring them home, put them in a folder and give them to Quinton to read.

That's how that kid could enjoy a couple of weeks of newspaper strips from 30 years ago about a fat cat who hated Mondays and loved lasagne. These periodical readings quickly became his favourite activity.

My Garfield Vacation: A Historical Voyage (2020)
A frame from My Garfield Vacation: A Historical Voyage. Quinton in Muncie.

In early 2020, the adult Quinton decided he wanted to take a break from his YouTube activity and set out to organise a holiday devoted entirely to Garfield.

The author travels to different places, including the hometown of Garfield's creator, where he rummages through everything from the most public memories to the author's lesser-known curiosities and wanders through different entertainment venues, theme parks, museums and establishments of all kinds in which the figure of Garfield, and other Jim Davis characters, are present in the most diverse ways.

In the description of the video there are links to download all the files used in the documentary and many other related images and to consult the credits of the participants.

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