New bandits

New bandits

New bandits. Cartoon of 21/05/2022 in CTXT

Needless to say, there isn’t a living thing that hasn’t heard about the subsidised five-day tour of Spain by this famous bandit.

The former king, heir to the throne, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Slaughterer of various animals, Hoarder of undeclared fortunes and Maximum Latin Lover of the Kingdom landed in a luxury plane, and drove around in a luxury car belonging to his luxury friends.

In between sarao and sarao he did not miss the opportunity to make fun of the staff amidst the applause and cheers of those who get off on the twisted perversion of being mugged and pimped.

The visit of the one they call “emeritus” (another great joke) can be summarised in three acts scripted to perfection by the official editors because that of doing journalism has never been used around here when talking about the Royal House.

New bandits

First came the announcement that he was coming.

New bandits

Then he did his thing. The best he knows how. Read, to make fools out of every son of a neighbour. The public broadcaster told the story with that stale, pastel and mamporero tone of the broadcaster. The rest of the television stations didn’t do their best to live up to the profession they claim to exercise.

A TVE chronicle that is sure to win a multitude of prestigious journalism awards.

And to put the icing on the cake, nothing better than the unofficial account of the final meeting in Zarzuela, which could well pass for the script of a great Spanish comedy. After dessert, the tax delinquent in the cap returned to Abu Dhabi in his plane decorated with gold leaf trimmings like a pop star.

New bandits

These scribes of the House, together with the journalists on their knees, are the same ones who have already written and bound the hagiography of Juan Carlos I for the honour and glory of the rotten monarchy.

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