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News updates

News update. Cartoon of 11/07/2021 in CTXT

I don’t need to explain what this is about. I don’t think there’s a countryman left in Spain who hasn’t been taken in by the chuletón.

Alberto Garzón said he didn’t ban anything or brandish any hammer and sickle.

I admit that for the first few hours I didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to the nonsense, convinced that it would be another of the many summer shingles, but then the silliness set in. A Spanish crowd, and a very Spanish crowd at that, rushed out in droves to show the world their open meats.

Meats with potatoes and breast strokes, clueless piglets wavering from chicken thighs, bursts of flag-waving steak photos, lots of garnish of a por ellos oé-oé-oé and bandereo. Even with a peninsular cut. An expository coven with the whole range of patriotic filth

Fun with food.

News updates
A display of shabbiness cum laude

There was no shortage of politicians, artists of varying degrees of disrepute, and prominent figures of the Cayetano tuituza parading on the internet to shamelessly show off what they believed to be their best chichas.

Fortunately, the changes in the government and then the discussion of Cuba in order to throw all the usual clichés at each other gradually subsided and diluted this ridiculous virtual macro-barbecue, which only left a few good patches of embarrassment.

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