Nik accused of plagiarism, again

Nik accused of plagiarism, again

Nik and plagiarism, it goes on and on

On the left, the cover of The Economist of 28 March, by Luca D'Urbino. On the right the May cartoon by Cristian Dzwonik, Nik.

The Italian illustrator Luca D'Urbino published a message in Twitter addressed to the Argentinean newspaper La Nación and its illustrator, Nik, accusing him of having copied the idea of one of his illustrations.

"So @Nikgaturro copied my work! Apparently he only copies the best, but can't he have his own ideas?

something to say, Mr. Gaturro?

something to say @lanacion?"

At this audiod'Urbino summarises the story.

What could be one more unimportant passage of a simple and commonplace coincidence between cartoonists in the approach to a concept, soon became a hotbed of opinion against the author accused of copying, whose name immediately springs to the minds of many when his background is mentioned plagiarism is mentioned because of his background.

Nik doesn't seem to care too much about this.

The reaction of the staff has been as expected. Not surprisingly. The history of Nik's more or less obvious shenanigans is extensive.

The Argentinian cartoonist, known for being the creator of a Garfield bootleg, has been accumulating so many accusations of plagiarism that he was even publicly repudiated in a manifesto signed by numerous colleagues when his presence at an event was announced.

Even Quino, in February 2004, in an interview (Copia ), accused Nik of having plagiarised Rudy and Daniel Paz, also highlighting the bad feeling between many Argentinean authors and the creator of Gaturro.

"I'm very good friends with Miguel Rep, who I think is one of the most talented cartoonists of the last generation. But I would say that in general I get on well with everyone, except Nik, who publishes in La Nación and started stealing a lot from Rudy, from Daniel Paz, from Página/12.

Nik came to create unease for the first time among Argentinean cartoonists. Nobody can stand him. To the point that if there is a round table, everyone participates on the condition that he is not there".


Nik accused of plagiarism, again

Nik and the eternal plagiarism
Gallery of vignettes and collection of links where Nik is singled out for plagiarism. Links and references.

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