Old normality

Old normality

“Progressive military vehicle on its way to repress workers gives way to prominent nostalgic returning from a mass in honour of Franco”

Old normality, cartoon of 27/11/2021 on CTXT

Pablo Casado has been like the guy who used to go into an X cinema and then say he hadn’t looked at the billboard, when even the box office guy greeted him on a first-name basis as if he was one of the family.

After attending a mass in honour of the bastard of the murderous dwarf and notorious dictator who signed death sentences between siesta and siesta, he insisted on making us believe that he didn’t know what the Francoist religious festival held in the Sagrario chapel of Granada cathedral was all about. The thing ended in a joyful exaltation of the dictatorship, which he attended, he said, because it was close to his hotel.

Be that as it may, the Foundation of Paca la culona he thanked him attendance.

Pablo Casado is one of the most despicable people on the right-wing, second only to the ferocious voxeros.

The now president pepero, nostalgic” highlightedWhen he presided over the party’s new “viejentudes” he left one of the most repugnant phrases in memory, it was in 2009:

But they’re so old-fashioned! They spend all day with grandfather’s war, with the graves of I don’t know who, with historical memory…”

Now imagine any representative of any other party saying the same thing about, for example, the victims of ETA. These are the wickets of the revengeful facas who present themselves as democrats, “centrists” and moderates.

Old normality

Barely 48 hours later the progressive armoured tank of the coalition of love, of that self-proclaimed unique and historic left-wing alliance in Spain, appeared in the streets of Cádiz. And they brought it out to repress the metalworkers who fought for their rights (and yours).

Here, as in that mass of Francoist ass-suckers, the thing was also to direct “the story”. Thus, the minister María Jesús Montero justified the use of the tanqueta in Cádiz as part of the package of “elements that sought to guarantee the security ofcitizens” and believes that the presence of this vehicle in the protests in the Andalusian city“is more of an anecdotal matter“.

Isabel Rodríguez, minister spokeswoman, said on the incidents between demonstrators and police in Cádiz:“From the Government we always respect the work of the State Security Forces and Corps“.

Here is a sample of the “work”.

José Antonio Pacheco (PSOE), sub-delegate of the Government in Cádiz. He said that the police response by taking out a tank against the workers was “adjusted and balanced”.

You know, my friends, don’t listen to what your eyes tell you they see, it’s all coincidence and anecdote. This is the old normality and that warm and yellow that falls on your faces is clear rainwater.

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