Poverty is in your mind

Poverty is in your mind

Yes, poverty is in your mind.

Cartoon translation:

“I need a job”

“But haven’t you tried desiring it with all your strength?”

If you imagine you are forty years younger you can work forty years longer.

Now, TrendingCoolFashion is to brag that you are working beyond the day of your funeral. It’s a growing trend all over Europe and in Spain we are not going to be the dumb cousins of the union. At least that’s what some media say. Workers are beating themselves up so as not to retire. We will call this “trend” “Working Dead” and add it to the neoliberaloid bulging neoliberaloid dictionary of postmodernisms of the very absurd art of “gilipolling”.

La pobreza está en tu mente

“Working beyond the age of 65: a growing trend in Europe”

It is as important to understand what you read as it is to deduce why you write it. No headline is innocent. However strange, absurd or unbelievable what is stated in it usually contains a discourse. Moreover, on many occasions, the person who writes the headline is not the one who signs it.

There is always something that puts the message on track, whether it is a defence of a set of ideas or interests, their own or those of others, or a veiled interpretation of the person writing it. On many occasions they serve to normalise and take the heat off misfortunes derived from capitalism by disguising them as fashion or a “trend”. A cool thing to wear, modernise yourself.

It’s another way to avoid pointing the finger at those who do the heavy lifting, to omit the causes of certain major social problems and to rub the backs of anyone who has a bit of power, money, or both. Just in case some leftovers fall out.

Your mind has robbed you of your wallet

You don’t save for retirement because of your mind. It’s all there. Your brain steals your euros and turns you into a beggar, extorting your brains out as soon as possible.

La pobreza está en tu mente

“The traps in your mind that prevent you from saving”

At least on this occasion, the cancamusa isn’t disguised advertising. It is labelled with the subterfuge of “collaboration” with the little company that suggests its private pension products. This way you prevent your brain from working on its own and turning you into an elderly beggar with a permanent residence under any bridge.

When the “news” is written by advertisers

I think it goes without saying that there are thousands of miles of news-like advertorials published in almost every media. They have been written by someone from the advertising company or a copywriter who has to spend six keyboards a month in order to scrape together half a salary.

It is not complicated to find out the prices paid for these monstrosities, although the media have their advertising rates available on their websites (just Google “advertise in X media” or “advertising rate X media” or look at the bottom of their websites), not all of them tell the conditions and prices of what they call Branded Content because they delegate the sale of these formats to companies dedicated to the subject.

You can find out the prices by registering in the well-known “marketplaces” of advertising for “link building”, either to fatten the SEO, to encalomar links to sell services or products or simply to endorse messages that, without going through the cash register, would not be news.

Poverty is in your mind

Some article sale prices in different media. Accessed on Prensalink, 28 December 2019.

Although some media sponsor content without the advertiser’s participation in the text, others play a game of deception by marking paid texts cooked up by the companies with ambiguities such as “submitted” or “collaboration”.

Many others openly sell articles without any “sponsored” or similar label to indicate that you are dealing with an article paid for by the advertiser, pure and simple covert advertising disguised as journalistic text.

Below is the price of a“normal” paidarticle.

Poverty is in your mind

Point 2 of the Law 7/2010 of 31 March 2010, General of Audiovisual Communication, in its Article 18 on“Prohibited commercial communications in any form” makes this clear:

2. Surreptitious commercial communication and communication using subliminal techniques is prohibited.

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