Querétaro-Atlas, the hell of football violence

Querétaro-Atlas, the hell of football violence

As if there wasn’t enough “legitimate” violence in the world, a pitched battle between Querétaro and Atlas supporters’ clubs at the Estadio Corregidora in Mexico during the second half of Saturday’s match left at least 26 injured and led to the suspension of the ninth round of the Liga.

Although the official version is that no one has been killed, testimonies have been collected from people who say they cannot find their acquaintances and who have been told by a media outlet that they have not been able to find them the one of a woman who announced to a media outlet that their friend had died.

Be that as it may, the images are shocking. It is as terrible as it is inconceivable the degree of cruelty and cruelty of the attacks.

Now, many criticise the lukewarm stance of the Mexican league president, Mikel Arriola, because strong measures aimed at the disappearance of the barras from the stadiums were expected and also point the finger at the club owners for not showing clear intention to eradicate these gangs of criminals from the stadiums, in this case real murderers.

This sad event is the “logical” evolution of the escalation of violence in Mexican football, and also in other countries, which has been showing worrying signs of a dangerous “normalisation” for decades.

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