Quino in the park


You blink and he's gone for a month, you sneeze and twelve vanish. A year ago Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, known worldwide as Quino, passed away.

If his work already resides in the memory of several generations of people all over the world, now it will also do so in a physical form at Mendoza, his hometown. A cultural space is planned there which, in addition to bearing his name, will house his work studio in its original state, with the idea that an important part of his patrimonial and cultural legacy will remain in the province.

Quino's first strip (1954)
What is supposed to be Quino's first strip as an amateur (1954)

The "Espacio Cultural Quino" will be located in what used to be the maternity ward of the old Emilio Civit hospital, a centenary building now abandoned, in the General San Martín Park

According to the government of Mendoza, before the end of the year, could open the tender to start executing the project with the 2022 budget.

In the meantime, in Mendoza, the acts of homage to the author.

Quino in the park

To remember Quino once again, nothing better than to look back at some of his full-page jokes with their characteristic plots and some short comic strips, works that I always liked much more than his popular mafalda strips.

The images belong to the books"Potentes, prepotentes e impotentes" (1989) in a 2005 edition and"Déjenme inventar" (1983) in a 2008 edition, both from the publishing house Lumen, which I keep in perfect condition because it was a print run with a very thick and hard binding.

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