Royal pleitry


Royal pleitry

“Entrepreneurs pay interest to ensure dynastic succession of their credit line”.

Royal pleitry

Cartoon of 27/02/2020 in CTXT

Juanca got 4,395,901.96 euros to release to the Treasury after rummaging through the sofa cushions for change Some colleagues the two of them made a chance meeting and offered it to him as a token of their uninterested friendship. By December he had already paid 678,393 euros with what he had saved up from his time in Abu Dhabi.

The 4 kilos in question are for an oversight for which he blew eight million euros on pleasure flights to the Caribbean, Canada, the Persian Gulf and Disneyland. It is not known for sure whether the dough for these minutiae was procured by a distant cousin or a nearby smart guy. Nothing to worry about, bourbon stuff.

Meanwhile, here, Pedro Sanchez is very compugnant and assures us that feels“rejection of these uncivic behaviours” and at the same time, his party votes against of any political move that involves inspecting the boot of the emeritus’s Ferrari.

His partners in Podemos continue to swallow toads the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza while criticising the government’s policies in bits and pieces. The same government that is theirs. There is no sign of them leaving the square they say they are so uncomfortable with. And the fact is that it is very cold out there.

It is no longer clear whether they are waiting for the next elections to play the scorned ones and emancipate themselves from Papa Pedro, or whether they are waiting for the increasingly likely bear hug. I don’t know. Or whichever comes first, because there is not much of a rush for coherence.

And speaking of bears, don’t think that the elephant-crusher is screwed by this vicissitude of having to let go of some of the bulk of the fly in the ointment. No, far from it. He told a ranciophonic journalist that he is like a bear“in a more than obvious homage to his beloved Mitrofan. The campy, more campy and horny than ever, returned to get another wash and spin on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the 23-F thanks to the sucking and clapping of the media’s tontism and its monarchic bastardry.

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