Scholarships for the rich

Scholarships for the rich

Scholarships for the rich. Cartoon of 10/07/2022 in CTXT

Enrique Ossorio, vice-president and education minister of the Community of Madrid, considers that a couple earning 143,000 euros is "middle class" and that "these families are going to find it difficult to make ends meet" with the crisis.

This is what he said in an interview in El Mundo, but he also added that these people, whom he describes as "middle class", pay a lot of taxes, work a lot, give a lot and receive nothing.

Scholarships for the rich

This wretch, which is the mildest thing one can call him, is the same one who just three months ago "chiquiteaba" asking"Where are the poor, I don't see them" in allusion to a report of Caritas.

Ayuso for his part, as always, ayuseando. Victimising herself in order to paint herself as the eternal heroine and champion of freedom for her own, persecuted by the bad guys.

The former Community Manager of Esperanza Aguirre' s dog, considers herself attacked by the criticism of her proposal for scholarships for the rich and assures that "a false debate has been opened, like everything that is usually done around the Government of the Community of Madrid" and that it is a campaign of nervousness of "sanchismo".

In short, the same as always. The best way to deal with criticism of giving away public money to public schools is to muddy the conversation so as to avoid talking about the real issue, which is not a remote one, which is visible, because at least 60% of of the money earmarked for educational grants in Madrid will end up in the pockets of the businessmen of private schools and this party will be a great success the poor will pay for it.

Meanwhile, Almeida, lover of inventing fictitious titles and more false than a cardboard euro with bombastic names for the city, talks about creating the Financial District of Madrid to turn Madrid into the interstellar capital of business, their bussiness. A la "Wall Street", emulating his Yankee model of capitalist paradise.

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