The shadow of the institutions

The shadow of the institutions

The shadow of the institutions. Cartoon of 05/06/2022 in CTXT

The soldiers of the MAPO company of the BIP "Wad Ras" II/31 went for a walk in the mountains of Madrid doing their military stuff.

At a given moment, the captain had an attack of what the media call "the shadow of the institutions "nostalgia" and he had no other idea than to go with his boys and his rifles to the fascist mausoleum of the Valley de los Caídos.

There they were blessed by the priest who poured holy water on their pennant, or something like that. Excuse me, but I don't know much about Franco-military religious rites.

The Ministry of Defence said that it was "a military unit that during a scheduled march carried out an unauthorised activity" and that it would open an investigation.

It was immediately announced that the captain in question had been "dismissed" (to be determined what exactly this means) but according to the media, after the disciplinary proceedings, the captain was "dismissed" one reads hereafter the disciplinary proceedings, the colleague has continued to go to work.

Although at first it was said that the priest was a military man, it seems that he is one of the Benedictine abbey in charge of the basilica.

The shadow of Franquism in the institutions is long and well established.

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