Special Prize

Special Prize

Special prize. Cartoon of 03/07/2022 in CTXT

This is yet another stale practice of certain media outlets that has been around for a long time. They organise awards with bombastic names, choose a politician/governor and give him or her an award consisting of a hideous statuette or a diploma at a sarao designed to reinforce the company’s declaration of intentions and, incidentally, to squeeze the thing out of the exaggerated media coverage that is usually given to the character

Redacción Médica, which calls itself an online newspaper, decided to baptise one of these awards with a joke and present it to Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “Special Award to the Health Administration“.

The organisers, for whatever reason, failed to mention all the merits that Ayuso has accumulated and that support such a distinguished award.

Ayuso’s government paid almost 500 million to the health giant Quirón by skipping the procedures and its great and unforgettable deed, the document which proves that the Ayuso government set “exclusion criteriathe Ayuso government set “no transfer of patients from nursing homes to hospitals at the worst of the pandemic”.

Although it was initially insisted that this was a “draft”, his Government approved the Protocol that prevented the most vulnerable residents from being transferred to hospital. 7. 291 died without medical care (some 5,795 of them with covid).

Special Prize
Elderly car parks. Cartoon of 06/06/2020 in CTXT

To all this can be added various private-public dealings (which she calls “collaboration”) with other movements to favour and allow commercial schemes with close friends to distribute public money on the occasion of the pandemic, following in the footsteps of her teacher and mentor, Esperanza Aguirre, the ideologist of the privatisation process devised by Esperanza Aguirre and which she put into practice for a decade.

The staging of the pasteleo in the style of a summer art gala follows the traditional script of this kind of sham acts.

As you will see in this bunch of images extracted from different videos that you can search for yourselves and that I will not link, the thing starts with a video of Ayuso Ayuso ayuseando and continues with Ayuso playing Ayuso while on the screen Ayusos appear everywhere, all very tender and casual

The only difference between this and any other electoral event is that the Partido Popular’s theme song wasn’t playing, but I’m sure the organisers and a large part of the attendees were humming it to themselves in excitement.

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