The grandparents' revolution

The grandparents' revolution

The revolution of the grandparents. Cartoon of 13/02/2022 in CTXT

I am 78 years old and I feel alienated by banks. Human attention in bank branches.

This is how Carlos San Juan De Laorden, a retired urologist and surgeon, titled a collection of signatures to ask banks "to attend to the elderly without technological obstacles and with more patience and humanity. And that they keep offices open where a person can attend to you... that not everything should be online".

As of today, his campaign, which has been called SoyMayorNoIdiota, has obtained 640,878 signatures, and although this type of platform allows one person to sign several times, the remarkable thing is that Carlos San Juan's action has received the care from staff on the internet and, by extension, from the media.

When someone is right, you have to give it to them. Anyone who doesn't want to see it that way either doesn't have a family "of an age" or thinks they'll never grow up and on top of that they're a bastard

It is not a minor problem, 1.3 million people have problems accessing cash and personal attention continues to be reduced to transfer it to ATMs and mobile applications.

Since 2008, the number of bank branches has been reduced by 50% and ATMs by 20%. According to the Bank of Spain, the asymmetric distribution and concentration of these services in a few municipalities are increasing the financial gap (Source). Although the Bank of Spain itself, that covert neoliberal lobbyhas put itself back where it always is, against of the people.

So, whatever it takes to give wax to the banks, I welcome, support and disseminate and, if necessary, I'll throw in a bottle of napalm as a gift.

It is not in vain, the banks they are, together with the electricity companies and others, one of the most miserable and despicable sectors. But they are nothing more than money shops that we have allowed to become parallel governments and real organisations of extortionists, with the complicity of politicians of all stripes swindlers with the complicity of politicians of all stripes.

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