The price of electricity

The price of electricity

Translation: "The government is keeping a close eye on the big electricity companies in case further measures are needed".

The price of electricity. Cartoon of 24/07/2021 in CTXT

Allow me to perform a pedantic act of self-citation. On 20 July i wrote on Twitter this attempt at a joke using hyperbole:

"The next electricity bill could well be 200 euros and come printed over a photo of the electricity company directors showing their asses. The government would continue to say that there is no right and that they are going to fix it".

I soon discovered something that has become commonplace. No matter how much you stretch reality you can always fall short.

Garzón, the same day it was announced that the price of electricity reached its second highest price in history, at 101.82 euros per MWh, said that the government continues to "monitor" the price in case further measures are needed.

There they are in the ministry, looking at things "to be able to take measures there when the political situation considers it".

According to EP, Alberto Garzón said that the government is still "concerned" about the rise in energy prices which, in his opinion, can be explained by "international reasons and factors" and which suggest that the market "is going to continue to be very tense in the coming months".

This "stressed market" must be the new version of the well-worn and ambiguous "it's complicated".

This has now reached an unbearable level of vulgarity, although there is no need to rescue their positions on the price of electricity because they are reminded of them every five minutes, and it is always embarrassing to read them again.

The price of electricity

But, I insist, everything can always be worse, more cynical and shameful

The next day, the Minister for Ecological Transition and Various Concerns asks the electricity companies to reflect on the fact that they are stealing from us with two hands thanks to the inaction of those who can and should prevent it.

The price of electricity

These, who claim to be the media, we are advised to bring bricklayers into our homes the government is still "monitoring" the price in case it is necessary to take more measures. These people, who claim to be the media, are trying to reform it and adapt it to electricity theft, because even when it comes to living in a property, we are guilty and responsible for the slash they put on our electricity bills.

As I don't want to get overheated and end up spouting all the inventory of ugly words that I treasure, I leave you with another piece of non-existent journalism in which they promise to explain to us what is the reason for the reason why the electricity goes up so much and so many times.

Spoiler: they don't explain anything at all two and a half minutes they limit themselves to say that the price of electricity goes up and up, that it is very expensive and so on, and that people don't like it.

The price of electricity

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