Trump against the press

Trump against the press

Trump against the press. The cartoon of Saturday 25/02/2017 on CTXT

The White House decided to make a selection of media to be served by barring CNN, New York Times, Los AngelesTimes, BuzzFeed News and Politico, presumably, authorising only those it considers not to be telling "fake news". I assume he means those who don't question the fake news Trump tells, i.e. the media he considers close to his ideas.

It happened in what they call a "gaggle", an informal meeting with press chief Sean Spicer, closer to what is usually called a "corrillo" here.

The White House Correspondents' Association issued a statement of protest.

Trump against the press

Wayward child

The Trump child's response was to announce that he would not attend the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner this year. The last president to miss the event was Ronald Reagan in 1981, who was recovering from an assassination attempt and participated by telephone.

For Trump, anything that isn't his thing is fake news. He has so normalised trolling that it has become part of his daily business.

In December, Spicer promised that the Trump administration would never ban access to the press. Regardless of what the President thought about news coverage. To a question about a possible ban on certain media he said that only a dictatorship would prevent access to the media, that that's the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship.

There's yours, Sean.

It's funny to read some people now. They applaud this and celebrate the punishment of the media of the powerful who lie and all this talk of interpreting the move as an "anti-stablishment" gesture. You have to be very stupid to see Trump as an anti-establishment.

There are also those who ran to compare this story with Mariano's plasma or when he slipped away from the press by running through the corridors. And yes, it could be related. It could even be said that the sifting here is much more subliminal, preventing certain media from asking questions when it comes to the distribution of shifts. Be that as it may, there is no precedent for a blanket ban with a list of media ahead of it.

There is nothing more totalitarian than sifting the media for bias. It's a bad sign, yet another bad sign. Tomorrow they could apply the filter to individual journalists. And next month they could bar redheads or lefties, for that matter...

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