The cartoon has no translation because it is a play on words by adding "scabrous" and "American"

Guns, cartoon of 08/01/2023 in CTXT

A six-year-old boy went on a shooting rampage at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, seriously wounding his teacher.

Local police say the incident was "not an accidental shooting" and apparently involved an altercation between the student, now in custody, and the teacher moments before he shot her.

In a statement on 7 January, Chief Constable Steve Drew said he had met with the victim and her family, that her condition had improved and that she was now in stable condition.

The latest police press conference was yesterday, you can watch it here if you are interested in these moves.

Now it remains to be seen what they are going to do with the child because I don't have much idea of the laws over there when it comes to minors, so minors, in these cases. Nor has it transpired where the child got the gun, but considering the number of killing machines they have there, it is not something that surprises anyone. In the USA there are more guns than citizens, many of whom are proud of this gun disease.

In 2018 there were already an estimated 393 million guns in circulation.

In a TV interview I heard someone say that he couldn't remember a similar incident since 2000, which wouldn't be a bad statistic except that the country is awash with guns of all kinds and it's a rare day when people aren't killed with a pipe, shotgun or rifle. Just take a look at Gun Violence Archive to see how the number of deaths involving a gun is growing

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