Ben Garrison, the jilted cartoonist

Ben Garrison, the jilted cartoonist

""Never thought i would see the day ben garrison turned on Trump", commented @kimpossiblefact on Twitter.

And this cartoonist, donald Trump loyal lover and activist antivaccineis disappointed with his beloved leader, whom he has portrayed for years as a handsome, muscular superhero, for his recent messages of support for vaccines.

The move in this cartoon by the disgruntled far-right cartoonist comes as Trump and Bill O'Reilly were booed after admitting that they had both received booster doses of the covid vaccine.

In a recent interview recent interview with Candace Owens, Trump also encouraged people to get vaccinated and said that "people aren't dying when they take the vaccine" and are far less likely to need hospitalisation.

This has brought tears to the eyes of Garrison who was happy when just a year ago, her beloved leader suggested injecting staff with disinfectant and maintained that it was better for everyone who had to die from the coronavirus to die than to cripple the US economy.

With one of his usual graphic hodgepodge of colourful words and phrases in no order or order, he presents Trump on the "vaccine bandwagon" with a gesture of surprise (I suppose) being booed by "his own", represented as a uniform mass of pissed off people with red caps on.

The cartoonist has sucked up to Trump to such an extent that anything that looks like criticism is already for many something of a miracle, even if in this case it is an excuse to repeat the poisoned and tiresome anti-vaccine conspiracy discourse.

But according to Garrison, it's all much less dramatic than it is painted. The cartoonist says he maintains his fanaticism and passion for Trump intact, despite the fact that his love was not reciprocatedand in a text on his blog accompanying the cartoon in question, in which he spouts the usual allegations and lies of the most narrow-minded conspiracy theorists, he takes the heat out of the matter and assures:

"I have not turned on Trump. one critical cartoon does not constitute a turn. I disagree with him about vaccines and i want him to step off of the big pharma bandwagonn".

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