Church Inmatriculations

Church Inmatriculations

Inmatriculations of the Church. Cartoon of 29/01/2022 in CTXT

has it ever happened to you that when you wake up after a crazy night of partying, you find in your trouser pocket the title deeds of several properties in your name?

Well, this has been happening to the Church for decades with churches, cathedrals, houses, plots of land and various premises.

Now, the Spanish Church says that only 912 properties that it became the owner of thanks to a law passed by Aznar are not theirs, out of 32,401 properties that, according to its data, it immatriculated between 1998 and 2015, including places of worship, plots of land and homes

The self-confessed thieves, but not many, are in a good mood and are negotiating with the most progressive government since the beginning of time to return just a few hundred of the thousands of properties that they have acquired for their own money.

This is a fucking joke, try stealing a thousandth part of what was stolen by the Church and come back and tell me how it went. Or write me a letter from prison.

The Episcopal Conference has a little article on its website entitled "should the Church return property?". They still have the holy scrotum to wonder (or question in question mode) if it is wrong to steal.

In the text they encalculate a subliminal BUT which sums up perfectly the degree of cynicism of this gang of money-grabbers.

"The goods of the Church are at the service of society as a whole and belong to the people... to the people of God, to the Christian people . They are goods destined in their vast majority to contribute in one way or another to the aims of the Church, namely: the proclamation of the Gospel and the values derived from it that build our society, the living out of the faith of millions of Catholics and of course the immense social and welfare work carried out by the various institutions of the Church".

In other words, they confess to theft, yes, but the stolen money has been used for evangelisation and social causes. So they are good thieves. Something like a bumbling Robin Hood who does not discriminate when it comes to robbing people of their money.

There you have the list provided to the government by the Spanish Episcopal Conference. If this is what they confess, imagine what they will have leveraged

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