Paedophiles. Cartoon of 29/10/2023 in CTXT

On 27 October, the Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, gave in Congress an estimated figure from a survey of 8,000 people, according to which some 440,000 citizens have suffered sexual abuse since 1945 in educational centres and other institutions dependent on the Catholic Church before they were eighteen years old.

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Cardinal Omella, president of the Spanish Bishops' Conference, says the figures are "exaggerated", that they are "lies" and accuses the media of lying and that they are: "figures extrapolated by some media are lies and are intended to deceive".

It seems that, for Omella, responsibility is only about asking for forgiveness in his own way, according to his own rules and lip service. "We will not tire of asking for forgiveness from the victims and working for their healing," he said.

In some cases crimes have been admitted and blame has been accepted (how magnanimous of them) and therapies have been paid for, but the feeling that "everything stays at home" after decades of hiding all this shit under their lavish and hypocritical carpets is unavoidable. And a fucking shame that can't just be forgotten.

Now, some collectives and civil platforms are against the state compensating the victims, and it makes sense, even if it is for a noble cause, it would be like financing the paedophiles again for the "expenses" derived from their cruel crimes.

The accounts of the church, cartoon of 29/08/2018

And another thing not to forget, as Ramón Fernández reminds us, just a year and a half ago PP and Vox were left alone in Congress in their refusal to investigate abuses in the Church.

Thus, the always despicable apprentice trumpite from Madrid took a position saying that, well, raping minors "is a mistake", like someone who makes a mistake writing a "b" instead of a "v", but that they have also done good things and built churches and so on.

Something like Franco built swamps and so on, and that this makes up for 40 years of crimes and dictatorship.

Both the swarming herd of "religious" rapists, abusers and sexual predators and those who have laundered their crimes for decades are bad people, very bad people and they can decide about our lives(and deaths). Never forget that.

Here is the report, the summary and its details:

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