Coloured lights


Coloured lights

Cartoons translation:

"The new generations were dazzled by the lights of egoism".

Coloured lights. Cartoon of 07/02/2021 in CTXT

This week we've had a lot of fun with the issue of the youtubers who are moving to Andorra, accompanied by the now traditional parade of tontolares.

In addition, other old-fashioned characters have appeared on the scene, ghosts now elevated to idols without being known to have made a valuable contribution in any field.

Coloured lights 1

But what is there in Andorra that is so appetising for these people and others who dedicate themselves to other things? Little or nothing, except lower taxes and the fact that it is a stone's throw away. There are a good number of remote countries in this and other continents where it is possible to live without paying hardly any taxes and, as far as we know, no Spanish youtuber has set up residence there.

So from the outset, neither the "youtubers" of Andorra nor their uncritical and fanatical followers dazzled by the little coloured lights have invented anything new. Their discourse contributes nothing constructive beyond the most selfish, narrow-minded and simplistic neoliberal thinking. The modernity that some associate with their behaviour is not accompanied by anything new, it smells stale. Everything is older than a forest. In the past many others tried to pay the minimum and earn the maximum by moving their fiscal affairs to other lands.

The handful of screaming youtubers have a point about their relationship with the press. The media initially gave them an inordinate boost to their artificial relevance because journalists loved the numbers and relied on them for traffic by reporting drivel that, news-wise, was often utter nonsense. Now that there is a real debatable issue, it makes them uncomfortable to talk about it.

Coloured lights 2

Fast food, cartoon of 07/02/2020 / @labocadellogo in CTXT


One of the things that has always amused me is that term "youtuber" as if it were a newfound mixture of species and profession. I find the term as absurd as if we cartoonists were called something like "pencilers" or "interneters", alluding to the tools or medium we use to show what we do now. And if we use some of the variants such as "influencer" (although it applies more to "instagramers") it gets even worse.

As in any artistic, informative and/or leisure and entertainment activity, there are a lot of branches depending on the discipline chosen by each one. However, the word "youtuber" continues to be associated with "entertainment" and other nonsense which, although they form part of the vast world of entertainment, have not revolutionised anything. Now everyone wants to be or is a brand and a half, one-man production companies working for Google at their orders and whims without being able to negotiate anything.

There are even those who believe that millionaires reproduce by spontaneous combustion simply by opening an account on Youtube.

Content creators

Who would have thought that standing in front of a camera shouting and gesticulating like a madman surrounded by coloured lights would be called "generating content"? What does this remind me of? Oh, yes. Television. The truth is that there is no need to claim or dignify the profession of Youtuber as such because it is something that can be done outside the confines of Google.

There are a lot of amateurs and professionals doing very cool things that they show on Youtube for obvious reasons, to reach more people and earn money to be able to continue doing what they are supposed to like and, if necessary, make a living out of it. Nothing abnormal or reprehensible. Nor is the decision to go to another country in search of happiness. However, in this case it would be much more honest to admit that the only unit of measurement of happiness is the euro.

It's another matter if, on top of that, you can't sing or dance, nor are you known for any other virtue or artistic quality, and on top of that you pretend that your opinion on any business deal is very relevant simply because you have I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of likes. Let alone pretending to be applauded for prioritising the amassing of money above all else. Be at least a dignified, self-confessed and proudly greedy egoist.

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