Elon Musk's management

Elon Musk's management
Elon Musk's management. Cartoon of 05/11/2022 in CTXT.

Don't doubt it. As this text is being written, Elon Musk is thinking up some absolutely absurd idea. That is, if he hasn't already come up with three or four in one go, because in the absence of grey mass, and in the absence of a plan, a good thing is a brawl.

Barely three days after slashing more or less half of the workforce, the inventor of the metro, see a train that runs through a tunnel, a tube in his case, and now of the forums, has discovered that he needs some of them to make the company work or to implement certain changes or improvements (which is not always the same thing) and is asking them to come back.

It turns out that now he can't think of anything better than to say that some of the dismissals were communicated "by mistake". And we could buy his story because Elon Musk knows more about mistakes than anyone else, since he bases his lack of strategy on them.

And it is cute and laughable to read cryptoboys, cayetanos, self-proclaimed liberals (whose meaning in Spain has little or nothing to do with freedoms) and other beings who sleep with their caps on applauding Melon for the purge while asking him for freedom of expression like the slave who asks the Reynolds mass to loosen his shackles.

In the midst of all this nonsense, none other than the UN Human Rights Council appears in person to implore the billionaire boy not to shit on freedom of expression. Please be merciful to civilians. Another Black Mirror passage for this joke.

More than one is already convinced that all this is nothing more than the penultimate whim of the rich, dumb-assed, near-rich-as-hell who thinks that tomorrow he can go out and buy himself the presidency of the land of opportunity to boast that reason comes with millions.

Not for nothing has he already rushed to ask what he considers "independent voters" to vote Republican. All those who fall outside the spectrum equivalent to the traditional and false "neither left nor right" are"activists", a subterfuge he is using for the moment until he has to pull the well-known "communist ogres". You know it. Activist: bad, lobbyist of his own: good. These are Elon Musk's political lessons for the kludges.

And in the midst of all this blast after blast of bullshit, he's still going on about his first star idea. Selling a sticker for 8 dollars to give his proud paymasters the privileges deserved by the honoured citizens of the newly created Musk State, which according to him is the capital of the internet and the laboratory where all known rights will be reformed and others yet to be known will be born.

It was so easy to state the obvious and self-evident: Tuiter is a company and I've come here to make money from it in order to recover some of the huge amount of dollars I've spent and for investors to get their share.

But it was really cool to set yourself up as a superhero who fights and sacrifices for civil rights and who will end world hunger, establish social justice by law and cut the ribbon of world peace.

You know, all that stuff about crazy, posturing millionaires who never have anyone around with a bucket of cool reality at hand.

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