Pedraz v. Telegram

Pedraz v. Telegram

Pedraz against Telegram. Cartoon of 24/03/2024 in CTXT

I don't suppose there's any earthling alive who doesn't know that Judge Pedraz ordered Telegram to be blocked in Spain as a precautionary measure following a complaint by Mediaset, Atresmedia and Movistar Plus, which was also supported by EGEDA.

And this was supposedly requested by Pedraz after the Telegram people, or rather the people in charge in the Virgin Islands, had passed his ass by.

"Telegram" was requested to provide information on certain technical data that would make it possible to identify the account holders used to
would make it possible to identify the holders of the accounts used for the infringement of the intellectual property rights of the entities acting as Private Prosecutor. The lack of cooperation from the Virgin Islands authorities, who are only asked to communicate with those responsible for the social network TELEGRAM, means that the precautionary measures requested by the private prosecutors must be adopted".

Hence the injunction for "continued infringement of intellectual property rights".

These companies were supposedly asking for a temporary halt to Telegram's activity while an investigation into the unauthorised use of their copyrighted audiovisual content on the app is carried out. The order extends the investigation for six months, until 29 September.

To save you the time and cost of research, I'll tell you that it is. On Telegram there are films, football and anything else you're looking for, and even Perry knows that. Just as there is on WhatsApp, Discord, P2P and in general in any corner of the internet.

How each company reacts and how long it takes to remove such content, if at all, when requested to do so, is another matter.

Judge Pedraz gave the operators three hours to suspend Telegram in Spain from the moment they received the communication, but it seems that nothing of the sort has happened. The operators did not receive the order from the Audiencia Nacional.

According to less reliable sources than Frank Abagnale Jr.'s CV (because none of them cite anyone specific) the cut-off will take place on Monday. So, in theory, we are again a few hours away from the deadline.

Whether or not that break comes, there are already a hundred million tutorials, proxy lists and articles on how to use one of the many VPNs to keep using Telegram with two clicks. So it will have the same impact as a fly hitting an Antonov An-225 Mriya.

Meanwhile, in the fachosphere they're tearing their hair out talking about social-communist censorship a la North Korea, Iran, China, Pakistan and Chiquitistán, claiming that the government is cutting Telegram to silence their facha stuff and their Xanxe dog memes and such.

There are those who go further and already see in this the great conspiracy of the communist reptilians who are spraying us with chemtrails laden with the essence of agenda 2030.

All this is especially funny because the blocking of Telegram, at the request of these companies, is one of the greatest acts of love for capitalism. The same one that those who call themselves liberals (freedom for their own) defend to the death.

Well, no, folks. Nothing here is about you or the defence or loss of anyone's freedoms or rights, it's all about the interests of a few companies and capping Telegram is another disproportionate and clumsy act of textbook neoliberalism.

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