Erdogan and his permanent war against cartoons

Erdogan and his permanent war against cartoons

April 2016 cartoon by Dutchman Oppenheimer that Erdogan didn’t like

Erdogan has a big problem with cartoons, he will be remembered, among other things, for his persecution of artists and anything else that moves. Turkey’s president is at pains to denounce cartoons and have them withdrawn, even if they are by foreign authors, which causes them to reproduce like mushrooms.

In his country he has it much easier, he directly persecutes, fines, arrests and/or imprisons anyone who goes outside the fold, including cartoonists, as happened to Musa Kart and some others.

This time it was the Dutch cartoonist’s turn Ruben L. Oppenheimer

Twitter informed him that it had received an injunction dated 6 December 2017 for a couple of tweets in which his 2016 cartoon appeared. The Turkish court’s judicial decision is that those messages are an“insult to Erdogan” and should be removed, because of his brown eggs.

Twitter warns him that although they have not yet done anything about it, they are obliged to comply with the legal request to remove the content and may be obliged to do so in the future so they are considering the options of an appeal.

Erdogan and his permanent war against cartoons

The cartoonist has no intention of heeding the Turkish government’s demand and on Monday republished his 2016 cartoon encouraging it to be shared.

The now traditional legal complaints (see here, here y here) with a stream of addresses that the Turkish president wants to cap are often signed in his name.

Erdogan and his permanent war against cartoons
Erdogan and his permanent war against cartoons


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