Fascism week

Fascism week

Fascism week. Cartoon of 02/10/2022 in CTXT

The triumph of Melonimussolini’s self-confessed groupie in Italy once again unleashed the traditional festival of subterfuge and smooth euphemisms so as not to have to talk about the ultra-right, fascism or anything else that even remotely resembles it

From the rancid patriotic resource of Villacís’s“nostalgics” to the hilarious“hard right” of El Mundo (although its first headline was even more so, just “the right”), all the etymological pirouettes have been revisited.

Elections are on in Brazil. On Sunday they voted and although Lula beat Bolsonaro, he did not get enough votes so they will have to hold a second round.

There they also have a fascist subhuman regoldering the whole fascist claptrap. But don’t call him a fascist because it’s ugly and all, behave like a democrat.

Until this bunch of fascists commit a big genocide (note the irony) it is not appropriate to be abrupt, lest they get angry and their fascistirubin rises.

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