The flour massacre

The flour massacre

The flour massacre. Cartoon of 02/03/2024 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon: "And this was a humanitarian operation, now you will see the inhuman ones"

Initial investigations by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor confirm that Israeli army gunfire killed and injured dozens of starving Palestinian civilians attempting to receive humanitarian aid in western Gaza in the early hours of Thursday 29 February.

The Israeli army insists it disassociates itself from the atrocity, already dubbed the "flour massacre", by releasing an aerial video and arguing that the civilian deaths were due to a stampede.

Euro-Med says its investigative teams observed the event from the earliest moments and recorded that Israeli tanks opened heavy fire on groups of Palestinian civilians attempting to receive humanitarian aid to the west and south of Gaza City. As a result, 112 civilians were killed and 760 injured.

The flour massacre

The organisation highlighted four pieces of evidence confirming that the Israeli army killed and injured civilians attempting to access aid, the first being signs of injuries on the bodies of the dead and wounded. These injuries were documented by a Euro-Med Monitor researcher as the victims arrived at Al-Shifa hospital, as was the blood on the flour bags and aid boxes.

The second piece of evidence is the footage released by the Israeli army itself, which includes audible evidence of gunfire from Israeli tanks located near the coast and that the army purposely hid the tanks in the video by obscuring the areas where they were located; eyewitnesses confirm that tanks were present near the scene of the crime.

The third piece of evidence concerns the recording of the sound of bullets, said Euro-Med Monitor, which is audible in the footage released at the time of the shooting and identifies them as coming from an automatic weapon used by the Israeli army with 5.56 mm ammunition.

Different sources also agree that the video provided by Israel is not a complete sequence, that it is an edited video with at least four cuts to manipulate it to fit their "narrative".

The spokesman for the IDF genocidaires, Daniel Hagari, insists that theirs was a "humanitarian operation" and that those killed, more than a hundred according to different sources, died when they trampled each other.

Israel's ambassador to Spain, Rodica Radian-Gordon, (soon to be replaced by Zvi Vapni) also embraced cynicism and lies to claim that the Israeli army did not fire a single shot and that: "thousands of Gazans ambushed the humanitarian aid trucks; dozens of them were killed by violent pushing and shoving as a result of the onslaught of those trying to reach the convoy".

Shortly afterwards, the Israeli authorities would admit that their troops opened fire on a crowd that, in their view, posed "a threat" and spoke of "looters". In short, it was business as usual. For Israel, anything that moves in Palestine is a lump to shoot at.

They all lie knowingly, as is their tradition, because they know they have lost all reason.

80% of the victims were shot

According to journalist Olga Rodríguez, who spoke by telephone with the acting director of Gaza's Al Awda hospital, Mohammed Salha, he assured that, after the so-called "flour massacre", his hospital received 176 wounded, of whom 142 had gunshot wounds, 27 of them requiring emergency surgery

Mohammed Salha also claimed that his hospital had suspended operating theatres on 27 February due to the lack of electricity and fuel, so they had to use the batteries reserved for life-threatening cases. With them they were able to operate on 7 people, but were unable to operate on 20 others .

In the meantime, here they were voting on a proposal of law(PNL) brought to the Congress by Podemos to act against the Genocide in Palestine with 7 points that were voted separately. Here is what each party voted for, so that those who were accomplices in the genocide will never forget it.

Now there is talk again of a possible 40-day truce, which would be the second pause in a genocide broadcast live and chopped up into different acts.

But in the meantime, or not, this second break in the killing is coming. The IDF continues the extermination using all kinds of techniques, each one more macabre than the last. Euro-Med has also documented how Israeli tanks have deliberately run over dozens of Palestinian civilians, even in their sleep.

The impunity of the genocidaires is unbearable, almost as much as the indifference and complicity of much of the world.

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