Gaturro, the most beaten character of the Paseo de la Historieta

Gaturro, the most beaten character of the Paseo de la Historieta
Gaturro without a hand in May 2021/ Google Maps. Other images in Foursquare. Y this is how it was already in March 2022

The figure of Gaturro on the "Paseo de la Historieta" in Argentina has been vandalised over the years, disfigured beyond recognition.

Gaturro, has always been considered a "bootleg" of Garfield, that is, an unauthorised or "pirated" edition as well as a bad copy of the famous cat from Jim Davis.

The creator of Gaturro is the Argentinian Cristian Gustavo Dzwonik better known as Nik. It can be said that in Argentina, and in much of the rest of the world, his signature is already associated with plagiarism as a synonym for plagiarism Here y here you can find out why.

As a significant detail, even Quino who was one of the most discreet and reserved authors said in 2004 to an interview to Página 12 that "Nik came to create unease for the first time among Argentine cartoonists. Nobody can stand him"

There is another story there is a previous account, of which there is no record other than some allusion to people who said they had witnessed it, which says that in a meeting in the mid-1990s between the two cartoonists, the creator of Mafalda told Nik:"You have no shame, kid".

This week, Nik, who has already complained about the mistreatment of the figure in 2021 has once again become the centre of the fury after again pointing out its poor state, assuring that it is not "casual" vandalism and suggesting that it is a political attack for hire.

While some other figures have been vandalised, some have even been ripped off and many others already have some graffiti or damage, it has been Gaturro's that has taken the worst beating.

Nik's interpretation of the vandalisation of the character, leaving him unrecoverable and eventually removed, is that these are hate attacks because of his political views, and even the eternal joker of anti-Semitism appears.

Gaturro, the most beaten character of the Paseo de la Historieta

Without overlooking the fact that the friction the political positions are more than obvious, the responses that abound the most are those that make fun of the author by referring to his history of plagiarism.

"There are 2 types of people responding to this tweet, young people telling Nik that it's his fault for being a thief and making fun of him and people over 30 blaming it on the Ks. Plagiarism made everyone lose respect for you Nik." @Vareless

"It's not because of your political ideas. Not even the cartoonists themselves respect you Nik, a few metres away is the statue of Mafalda, intact. You can sell your rubbish to 8 year olds, the rest don't want to see your life dedicated to plagiarism in the street, you even stole ideas from The Economist" @elpoio233

"Sincerely, you deserve it, excuse me. You are a very narcissistic person who plagiarizes other artists in Argentina and in the world, you have increased a mediocre and empty comic culture, I think it's perfect that they erase you. Bad influence! @Samyerdin

"The intervened Garfield was really good" @pablitokemero

"If you hadn't stolen from so many cartoonists that statue would be impeccable" @yopino2970831

"Let's agree that putting you on the same level as Quino, Fontanarrosa, Dante Quinterno or Garcia Ferré was totally unfair, almost an insult, to all of them" @Bialet_masse

"After having made a career for yourself by taking material from other cartoonists, it seems to me that your statue has what it deserves" @Yugosback

The Comic Strip Promenade

Inaugurated in 2012, this is a street circuit located between the neighbourhoods of San Telmo, Montserrat and Puerto Madero and pays homage to the characters of Argentine comic strips and graphic humour through murals and fibreglass figures of the emblematic characters of different Argentine cartoonists.

At the page of Turismo Buenos Aires you can find the map with the locations and more details and pictures. This is the tour.

  1. The tour starts at Defensa and Chile with Mafalda, Susanita and Manolito (the world famous girl and her friends, created by Quino).
  2. It continues along Chile to Balcarce with Isidoro Cañones (the prototype of the Argentine playboy, the work of Dante Quinterno).
  3. In Balcarce and Mexico we find Larguirucho and Super Hijitus (characters by Manuel García Ferré).
  4. Further on, following Balcarce towards Belgrano Avenue is Matías (Sendra's inquisitive boy).
  5. Still following along Balcarce is Don Fulgencio ( "El hombre que no tuvo infancia", a work by Lino Palacio).
  6. And sitting waiting to cheer is Clemente (the unclassifiable character without hands, a football fan, created by Caloi).
  7. Finally, arriving at the corner of Balcarce and Belgrano Avenue, we find the Chicas de Divito ( who marked several generations of Argentines).
  8. On Belgrano Avenue and Paseo Colón Avenue is Patoruzú (the Tehuelche cacique created by Quinterno).
  9. On Belgrano Avenue, between Paseo Colon Avenue and Azopardo Avenue, are Patoruzito and Isidorito(also by Dante Quinterno)
  10. Continuing along Belgrano Avenue, we also find Gaturro (Nik's famous mascot).
  11. Finally we arrive to Puerto Madero and we find the well known Don Nicola (by Hector Torino).
  12. On Juana Manso, 100 metres away, we find Negrazón and Chaveta ( by A. Cognigni).
  13. Following the route along Marta Lynch Avenue, we find Diógenes and Linyera (by Tabaré).
  14. Still along Lynch Avenue, we find Langostino and Corina (by Eduardo Ferro).
  15. Inodoro Pereyra and his inseparable dog Mendieta (Roberto Fontanarrosa's creation) are a must on this route.
  16. At the end of the tour until we reach the Museum of Humour in Av. de los Italianos we find La Jirafa ( creation of Mordillo).

This is what the figures looked like in 2017.

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