Hints. Cartoon of 28/01/2024 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon: "When the International Court of Justice saw evidence of genocide, the genocidaires bombed the evidence".

This is how the UN explains the decision of the International Court of Justice following the request of South Africa, which denounced acts of genocide by Israel in Palestine:

"The International Court of Justice, the highest judicial organ of the international peace and security architecture, ordered Israel to "take all possible measures" to "prevent" genocide in Gaza, recognising that at least some of the rights claimed by South Africa and for which it seeks protection are plausible.

The court recognises that Palestinians have a right to be protected from acts of genocide. The decision comes at the request of South Africa, which asked the court to take interim measures to stop Israel's"genocidal conduct" after its army killed more than 25,000 civilians, injured more than 60,000 and displaced 1.7 million people.

While the court did not call for Israel to cease military operations, as the South African state had requested, denouncing "genocidal conduct" in Gaza, the judges did demand that Israel "ensure with immediate effect that its military does not commit" acts of genocide.

The interim measures, which are "mandatory" althoughthe court has no means of enforcing them, are a type of precautionary measure before a final decision is taken on the dispute, which is likely to take years before a judgment is handed down.

Israel's response was to pull the usual joker of anti-Semitism and to further victimise itself in a supreme act of cynicism.

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir blasted the International Court of Justice for issuing the provisional measures against Israel, calling the international body "anti-Semitic". The minister called for the court's decisions to be ignored, saying: "Decisions that endanger the continued existence of the State of Israel should not be listened to.

But we all knew that this was not going to be just a statement. The US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and at least 10 other countries suspended funding to UNRWA after Israel accused UNRWA of involvement in the 7 October Hamas attacks and kidnappings against Israel.

To date, Israel has not provided the UN with information proving the alleged involvement of twelve members of its Palestinian refugee agency in the 7 October attacks.

What Israel has done is to continue to lie in order to continue its campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine using the most shabby tactics (the same ones they accuse the Palestinians of) such as disguising themselves as doctors and hospital patients in order to execute people who were targeted as terrorists.

As you know, for Israel, anyone on occupied land is considered a terrorist.

This is only a tiny portion of the atrocities that Israel is committing on a daily basis in Palestine and the West Bank and which its soldiers and not a few civilians are proud of, celebrate and display on the internet.

Although we have the feeling that there are not too many people condemning the genocidal conduct of the Israeli state, largely thanks to the homogenous and "soft" approach of the mainstream media, as Orio Sabata reminds us, demonstrations are taking place in different Israeli cities demanding the release of the hostages, an end to the massacre in Gaza and the immediate calling of elections. The last day of protests was 29 January. There is growing unease among certain sectors of society against Netanyahu's government.

And not to forget. The latest disgraceful balance sheet provided by Euro-Med


The revenge of the genocide and its accomplices | Rafael Poch | CTXT

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