Liars and murderers

Liars and murderers. Chilcot Report

Liars and murderers. The cartoon of 09/07/2016 in CTXT

After seven years of work, The Iraq Inquiry also called the Chilcot Report after the name of the chairman of the inquiry, Sir John Chilcot, has been published. And it has confirmed only a few minor suspicions and some others that were already more than evident 13 years ago.

It confirms the existence of a pact for a coordinated campaign to manipulate public opinion into believing that they were trying to prevent intervention in Iraq when all the fish was already sold and they didn’t give a damn. They wanted their war. And Aznar was all for it.

On 8 November 2002, the UN Security Council unanimously approved Resolution 1441(PDF), which offered Iraq a “last chance” to fulfil its obligations by establishing a detailed timetable for disarmament. It was the first chapter in what was to become a festival of lies with disastrous consequences.

On 5 February 2003, Collin Powell presented to the UN Security Council a study of what he claimed was the evidence for Iraq’s alleged WMD programme.

-All images used by Collin Powell (PDF8.5Mb)
-Transcript. Copy in Archive from U.S. Department of State website)
-Complete intervention (video)

The recordings, photographs, virtual re-enactments and the conclusions based on them were nothing more than a bad script to mould assertions based on suspicions and thus to pass judgement only on hints. A parade, the war was already underway.


To get an idea of the weakness of the evidence and the shoddy explanation in general (justified on security grounds), this is how Collin Powell demonstrated the existence of some chemical weapons:

“This is one of 65 sites in Iraq, we know they have chemical munitions. This is where the Iraqis showed up with four chemical weapons samples.

Here you see 15 bunkers in yellow and red. The four in red squares represent active bunkers with chemical munitions.

how do I know that?

Let me give you a closer look. Look at the pictures on the left, in a closer view, four chemical bunkers, the two circles represent bunkers storing chemical munitions.”

To top it off, according to The Guardian, several experts pointed out that at least 10 of the 19 pages of the document entitled“Iraq: its infrastructure of cover-up, lies and intimidation” had been copied from various academic writings, including a paper by the student, Ibrahim al-Marashi, from California. The intelligence, not so clever.

Still, it was enough for them to wage war. On 20 March 2003, they sent the inspectors packing and started doing what they love best, killing for peace and security.

It’s the moment of truth for the world”, George Bush opened the whole thing with this bullshit phrase.

We all remember the outcome of the story, the weapons of mass destruction were never found, those with which they justified sowing Iraq with firecrackers.

The reactions of the three warmongering liars of the Azores have been varied, but with a common script: it was necessary, they would do it again, and although they recognise that a lie was the only excuse, they continue to maintain that at the time it was the unquestionable truth.

The most cynical of the three murderous liars was perhaps José María Aznar, who allowed himself to admit that what they claimed to know without a trace of doubt, in reality nobody knew at the time. And he confessed it to applause, I suppose from other fanatical supporters of the gratuitous spilling of bombs.

Now, the fashionable song among the murderous liars is to repeat like headless parrots that “Spain” was not in the war, that it did not fire a single shot. Not only is this not true, more than one shot was fired, but it is also another shameful way of condoning support for a unilaterally decided war, pure interventionism that fed and fattened the demons that continue to haunt Europe and the world.

narices War Crimes Committed by the United States in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability (PDF)

narices Iraq Body Count

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