Royal Household Transparency Decree

Royal Household Transparency Decree


Organ adapted for audits of the Royal Household.
“Story” Court.

Decree of transparency of the Royal House. Cartoon of 30/04/2022 in CTXT

In December 2020, Pedro Sánchez announced a “roadmap” for the renewal of the monarchy, he said it without laughing. Well, the parade entered a new phase this week.

A few days ago Felipito confessed by “personal decision“, according to the media, the total amount of his assets; 2.5 million euros, including the balances of his accounts, works of art and jewellery. The usual for kings who get up early and give everything by the sweat of their brow. A great saver who doesn’t spend a penny on anything we don’t pay for.

One day later, it was published in the BOE (Official State Gazette) the Royal Decree amending Royal Decree 434/1988, of 6 May, on the restructuring of the House of His Majesty the King.

The only novelty that, as if it were a major modernisation, has been emphasised by the pundits, fans and various palmeros of the preparao, is that the Court of Auditors will audit the idem of the borbones.

It is as ridiculous as applauding a policeman on a street corner or a judge in a courtroom because in the end Felipito will be able to say, when he feels like it, what he says he has. Or not. Trusting the word of a Bourbon is the greatest act of naivety that a Spaniard can practise.

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