Missouri newspaper accused of racism

This cartoon by the conservative's cartoonist Michael Ramirez, published on 16 August in the Southeast Missourian newspaper, provoked another episode of anger and accusations of racism against the medium. In the image, Martin Luther King pronounces his famous phrase that the cartoonist changes to: "I

Texas school district withdraws cartoon from exercise and apologises

Cartoon withdrawn from a school exercise in Texas This cartoon titled "George Floyd" by the cartoonist David Fitzsimmons Fitz" was originally published on 31 May 2020 in the Arizona Daily Star. The image was recently added to an exercise for high school students in the

Resignations at two newspapers after publication of cartoon deemed racist

Johnny Whitefield, editor of The Courier-Times newspaper based in Roxboro, North Carolina, yesterday announced his immediate resignation following the publication of this syndicated cartoon by Tom Stiglich that was criticised as racist. The scene shows a hooded black man stealing a white woman's purse. She

The Journal apologises for cartoon considered racist

Cartoon that prompted The Journal's apology The newspaper The Journal of Seneca, South Carolina, published on Wednesday 10 June this cartoon by the cartoonist Al Goodwyn, who declares himself conservative. Some readers sent their complaints to the newspaper or posted them on social media pointing

The New York Times apologises, withdraws cartoon about Trump and Netanyahu

The New York Times apologised for this cartoon. The fuss over accusations of anti-Semitism in cartoons is a perennial classic, not a year goes by without a good number of cases appearing, talk today of "withdrawing" or censoring a cartoon is simply absurd and provokes