Translation of the cartoon: "They gathered to enjoy the show waiting for the final blast of the weapons of last resort". Spectacle, cartoon 05/02/2023 in CTXT. The United States blew up over Atlantic waters the Chinese spy balloon that was flying over its territory and ... Leer más

Cartoonist arrested for publishing cartoons that "insult China"

One of the cartoons attributed to the young Chinese cartoonist"Zhang" about veterans claiming retirement benefits. The red sign around the soldier's neck reads: "Please give the veterans a bite to eat". On Sunday, 28 July, the Anhui provincial police announced on its Weibo social network ... Leer más

The ugly Chinese

Translation of the cartoon:"They cheat you like Spaniards" The ugly Chinese In each review of what they have come to call news, I face and blink at many to add them to this list, a large part of which are absurd. Admittedly, this kind of ... Leer más