The routine of Feijóo

The routine of Feijóo

Electoral routine. Cartoon of 16/07/2023 in CTXT

Well, that's it. Today the last debate before going to vote was held on RTVE. All the debates have been baptised as the "decisive" one, but Feijóo did not go to today's debate. In the PP, they have decided to leave it to his subordinate, who has come only to reinforce his malice and his image as a cheap thug.

A few days ago I started a draft of the list of lies that the narco-boatman has told, but between the heat and the fact that he has told so many that he has been burying them one after the other (that was his strategy), I have decided to let it go. In any case, all of them are going to leave a nice trail on the internet.

He is only known for one rectification, always with a small mouth, to which he immediately added another ton of lies to bury it quickly.

If I had to keep one lie from frijolito, which more than a lie is a low conspiracy in the purest "Bolsotrumpista" style, it is the one he made about the postal vote suggesting a "pucherazo".

Nothing new under the sun, in the PP they are specialists in throwing shit on everything public when they can't get their hands on it. The bearings of the PP's shit fan are still well-oiled.

However much Feijóo tried to fix it later, muddying it even more, it was just another page in his encyclopaedia of lies, each one more easily dismantled, like the now famous teletype that nobody has been able to find.

Feijóo lies when he says good morning, he lies when he blinks and when he sleeps. He lies even when he denies. Alberto would still be the politician who has told the most lies on average even if he were to shut up today and not open his mouth for 50 years. In second place on the list of liars is his thuggish servant from Vox.

Another maxim that has come true is that no matter how dirty one election campaign may seem to us, there will always be a much dirtier next one. This one started with the PP turning a terrorist into a pop icon and terrorism and murder into lowly marketing and ended up with a whole lot of lies.

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