Election caravan

Election caravan

Electoral caravan. Cartoon of 06/05/2023 in CTXT

This is going to be the election of stone against water.

The PSOE is once again invoking the supposedly social brick by pumping more money into the banks to alleviate mortgages for young people. Anything but intervening in the housing market. If more money needs to be pumped into the banks, then so be it, because the bankers have earned little and need to be bailed out again.

After temporarily backtracking on their electioneering attempt to further desertify Doñana and the Junta de Andalucía asking the State to release water so that the rocieros can pass the Guadiamar river with fresh water so that the dust on the road does not become so dry, the PP is now promising WATER in generic terms.

The leader of the pepera tribe does not rule out asking for rainfall on his knees to any saint, Christ or virgin in the middle of the campaign to win the votes of the most capillitas. It would not be the first time.

Now, Feijóo quadruples the promise and openly confesses that this precious element is going to be his favourite lie to deceive the unwary. Thus, he assures that"he is going to bring water to Andalusia" and that he is going to bring it personally.

Remember, friends, campaign promises are nothing more than a way of talking. A parade. The Andalusian Regional Minister of Economy, Rogelio Velasco, recently reminded us of this when he said:

"This is a language, a way of expressing oneself during an election campaign" during an election campaign".

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