Trump on the election result


Trump on the election result

Trump, faced with the election result

Cartoon of 07/11/2020 in CTXT

STOP THE COUNT! shouted the orange redneck, knowing that Joe Yayo was already eating his toast.

Just a few hours before it was known for sure that he had won the election, he left his another puke on his account to rant and rave:


They hadn't even finished counting the votes, nor had he won, and on top of that he had lost by a lot, so the Trumperos, with Rudy Giuliani at the helm, set up the crying press conference between an open field and an industrial park in Philadelphia to say again what Trump has been saying for the last few days has said the last few days

"This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country. We were prepared to win. Frankly, we won the election. (Video)

What if fraud, what if corruption and what if "Emosido". And I fear that this will be the script they will be using for the next few months, or years.

A Giuliani in front of a metal shutter, untied and on the verge of a jamacuco, he even made funny voices and faces. When reporters told him that Biden was already considered the winner, he replied:

"Winner or cheater?"

Now it will be justice that will give or take away reasons and if nothing substantially changes, very soon the head of Trumpism will be evicted from the white shack, but he will leave a lot of cauldron there and a whole bunch of descendants, relatives, colleagues and acolytes.

The "anti-establishment" goes out whining and spitting about the system that made him president, but he also leaves behind an endless collection of lies and bullshit for the shame of generations to come.

Liars and lies have always existed, perhaps the only difference with the Trumperas is that they have been the main sustenance and ammunition to give birth to and fatten a movement that does not now have an easy time finding a replacement character to match Donald.

However, I have no doubt that we will soon meet him and he will certainly be worse than the outgoing lout, if he doesn't repeat, because everything points to the fact that the trend of surrealism's unchecked growth is already more than established.

Tonight Tonter was a festival of praise and compliments for those who have done absolutely nothing yet. A strange but usual coven smacking of a supposed celebration of Biden's victory. You know, those who prefer someone very right-wing red than very right-wing that other blue right-wing conservatives. There were also plenty of those who were simply celebrating with excitement trump's excretion. For all of them, it won't take long for Uncle Joe to ruin the joyful dances and songs to the pachamama.


The tweets of impending ex-president Donald Trump are also archives that must be preserved for historical purposes, according to the US National Archives and Records Administration. I pity the people who have to organise and catalogue the enormous amount of rubbish he has left behind.

That is his legacy, a pile of lies and bullshit written in capital letters.

Trump on the election result

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