20 years since the assassination of José Couso

20 years since the assassination of José Couso

20 years since the assassination of José Couso. Cartoon of 09/04/2023 in CTXT

8 April marked two decades since the assassination of cameraman José Manuel Couso Permuy by Lieutenant Colonel Philip de Camp, Captain Philip Wolford and Sergeant Thomas Gibson, occupants of the US Army M1 Abrams tank that fired on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.

Two other journalists were killed that day. Today I found some notes from those years and among them was a list of news professionals who fell in that infamous war orchestrated by lies and orchestrated by a trio of murderers.

23/03/2003 - Terry Lloyd, ITV News.

02/04/2003 - Kaveh Golestan, BBC.

04/04/2003 - Michael Kelly, Washington Post.

06/04/2003 - Kamaran Abdurazaq Muhamed, BBC.

07/04/2003 - Julio Anguita Parrado, EL MUNDO and Christian Liebig, Focus.

08/04/2003 - Tarek Ayoub, Al-Jazira; Taras Protsyuk, Reuters and José Couso, Telecinco.

02/07/2003 - Ahmad Karim, Kurdistan Satellite TV.

07/07/2003 - Jeremy Little, sound engineer, NBC.

17/08/2003 - Mazen Dana, Reuters.

28/10/2003 - Ahmed Shawkat, Bila Ittijah.

27/01/2004 - Duraid Isa Mohammed, producer and translator, CNN.

18/03/2004 - Majid Rachid, Diyala technician; Ali Al-Khatib, Al-Arabiya; Ali Abdel Aziz, Al-Arabiya and Nadia Nasrat, (Diyala Television)

22/03/2004 - Hussein Othman, ITV News and Paul Moran, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

26/03/2004 - Bourhan Mohammad al-Louhaybi, ABC News.

19/04/2004 - Hussein Saleh, driver, Al-Iraqiya TV.

21/05/2004 - Rachid Hamid Wali, camera assistant, Al-Jazeera.

29/05/2004 - Mahmoud Ismail Daoud, bodyguard, Al-Sabah al-Jedid.

04/06/2004 - Samia Abdeljabar, driver, Al-Sabah Al-Jadid.

25/08/2004 - Jamal Tawfiq Salmane, Gazeta Wyborcza.

02/09/2004 - Ismaïl Taher Mohsin, Associated Press.

23/07/2005 - Adnan Al Bayati, RAI, Mediaset, TG3, Panorama.

28/08/2005 - Waleed Khaled, Reuters TV.

17/09/2005 - Sabah Mohssin, Al-Iraqiya.

21/09/2005 - Ahlam Youssef, Al-Iraqiya TV.

In all these years I have made more than one vignette, which are around here. Reviewing them, I remember the miserable role of the PP, but also the hypocrisy of the PSOE, which in the first instance got hung up on the No to the War, the demands of Couso's family and the protests against his murder, only to end up being another miserable bootlicker of the murderers. Movements were made that are impossible to forget, such as that farce about"Universal Justice".

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