Translation: "Thousands of liberals went on pilgrimage to embrace Saint John for working the miracle of wealth"

Wealth, cartoon of 29/01/2023 in CTXT

You already know it, and if you don't, I'll sum it up in a few words. Ione Belarra said that Juan Roig was a ruthless capitalist and the master of Mercadona replied by repeating the mantra that entrepreneurs"are the ones who generate wealth and well-being". From this point on, the ball was rolling and the tired debate was reprised.

Juan Roig is the usual samugo businessman who believes (or rather wants us to believe) that neither the customer nor the workers are involved in the equation of creating what they call "wealth".

Entrepreneurs get up early in the morning and, instead of yawning, they start to secrete money. They do it all day long. Notes come out of every pore of their skin every two minutes until it is time to go to bed.

This tale of wealth creation is not even for a five year old child. There is not a single employee of Mercadona, or of any other grocery shop, who is rich shortly after being hired.

But what they call wealth is "the market", my friends. The faceless and nameless macroeconomy in which they claim the highest positions in the pyramid.

Here, this John simply meets a demand, the need for a place to exchange money. If he didn't do it, any other John would. This fanatical adoration of the one who has bitches is a fanatical hindrance that we have carried with us from the times when there were three or four rich gentlemen with money and the rest were much poorer than poor.


Translation of the cartoon: "The boss told me that if I stopped we wouldn't get anywhere".

This Juan, who encouraged people to "work like Chinese" to continue living like Spaniards, is convinced that the "culture of effort" consists of working like beasts.

Juan keeps raising the prices of his products because Juan's company has only one fucking goal, the goal of every company, to earn more and more money. No ceiling. And that doesn't "sell" socially because it's the perfect definition of greed. Although they say they share a part of what they earn, they simply do it because they have no choice. If it were up to them, they would pay with a handful of salt again.

They also say that they treat their employees well, which is debatable, and that they pay much better than other employers of their kind, which is just a symptom of how bad things are in general.

Juan thinks we should thank him for not being a real bastard like his thousands of shit-paying entrepreneurial colleagues, with whom he compares himself, and who were supposedly also part of that great family of wealth creators. His own, of course.

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