Balance of a year in LucusHost

Balance of a year in LucusHost
In the picture, a LucusHost mug for the WordCamp Seville 2021 stamped with a doodle by the undersigned.

A few days ago, it was one year since I decided to migrate to LucusHostbut today there are two more anniversaries to add to the celebrations; my domain is 20 years old and it’s now in its fourth year of life LucusHost reaches its fourth year of life.

I bought the domain on 14 January 2002 at Zilos(Veloxia Network), a company that in 2009 merged with others and disappeared. A few months later, I contracted the hosting there. I was hosted at Zilos for more than five years until one day everything went wrong went awry even went wrong completely

One of the things I remember the most is that the hosting bill was then a real pain for the pocket.

Lucushost, one year

This is the best time to take stock of the first 365 days in the new hosting and assess how it has influenced its growth, because I can say that during 2021 I have managed to improve the results of the blog, modest, but with very good growth forecasts. Something very complicated nowadays for a prehistoric personal blog.

To begin with, the time online has risen remarkably, the server has remained stoic with a powerful uptime much higher than the previous year and there have been no crashes that can be classified as such. When something has broken, it’s because I broke it.

Luxury support

24/7 support, even by phone, something that is becoming a rarity in the sector, continues to be one of its strong points. They maintain very fast response times, even if you throw them a ticket with an emergency in the wee hours of the morning.

At the beginning of October I sent a query because I wanted to get my hands on the change of permalinks, as it was something I had pending and I never dared to do it because I was too lazy. If I do it wrong, it can ruin the positioning.

Well, not only did they attend quickly to the query, but they also took care of the work, and we are talking about an early morning from Saturday to Sunday.

And this is what happened just from the day I changed the permalinks from –> /blog/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%// TO–> /%postname%//

Balance of a year in LucusHost

Of course I also did many other things before and then some, but the switch to short URLs has had a lot of weight. So to a large extent, I can blame LucusHost for being complicit in the improvement.

Premium Backup

Among all it offers the plan I use what I’ve used the most has been its Premium Backup service, which has got me out of more than one trouble, and I’ve also used it to tinker “in the heat of the moment” doing Kamikaze-like tests or to recover the staging after mistreating it mercilessly.

This backup service is already worth at least half of what you pay for hosting. It allows you to have two daily backups hosted on external servers so they won’t take up space on your hosting plan. This is something that in many other places is paid for as an extra and is not usually cheap.

Balance of a year in LucusHost

You can have complete copies or copies by applications, directories, databases, etc.

Balance of a year in LucusHost

Two copies per day are kept for six months, one at around 3:15am and one at 3:15pm.

Balance of a year in LucusHost

Restores are applied immediately, and of the many I have requested, none have taken more than four or five minutes.

If I had to sum up this first year of hosting in one word, it would again be calm.

Fourth birthday

At Lucushot they are celebrating their fourth birthday offering new hosting plans with up to 50% off for a week and they also have a very tasty raffle.

If their prices already seemed more than reasonable to me, significantly lower than their competitors for very complete packages, getting a discount like this is a good opportunity to consider hosting your pages with them.

Happy birthday, then. here’s to another four years!

LucusHost, el mejor hosting

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