Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid. Cartoon of 21/10/2023 in CTXT

Humanitarian aid. Cartoon of 21/10/2023 in CTXT

TR: US embassy in Jerusalem sends us a package of "humanitarian" tweets

Today, at 10 am, 9 am in Spain, the US embassy in Jerusalem announced with a tweet that Egypt was opening the Rafah crossing.

Twenty trucks of what is supposed to be the first humanitarian aid to enter Palestinian territory since 7 October arrived there. The trucks are carrying water, food and medicine, clearly not enough. According to some media reports, the aid convoy is also carrying coffins, but not fuel.

The US embassy is encouraging foreign nationals to come to the border to try their luck with the escape. But they should do so on an adventure and with no security guarantees whatsoever. It should be remembered that a few days ago Israel bombed this border crossing.

It is also initially unknown how long the border crossing point will be open.

The US embassy has no word for the locals who have been forced to flee to the south by Israel's relentless bombardment of their neighbourhoods, which has not ceased and which has resulted in an indecent number of deaths every day.

Civilians have never been Uncle Sam's bargain in any country in the world, least of all in Palestine. Now, the population must continue to try to flee to nowhere while Israel razes what was once their home to the ground.

And so much for the "humanitarian" work of the US, Israel's main arms supplier, which is estimated to buy around 80% of the weapons with which it is ravaging Palestine.

What is more, the Israeli army immediately announced that it is going to intensify its bombardment of Gaza "as of today" as an appetizer to the announced military incursion into the area.

These psychopaths are writing the darkest and saddest pages in history with mass murder supported and absent-mindedly tolerated by the international community of which future generations will most likely be ashamed, although in view of our record on the matter, probably not much either.

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