The trial of history

The trial of history

The trial of history. Cartoon of 05/11/2023 in CTXT

While the extermination continues in Palestine, here we are already talking endlessly about the revolutionary cayetanía of pastel, his Nazi friends voXiferantes and other subspecies of fascists and their actions at the gates of the PSOE headquarters in Madrid.

Many of them were affiliated and recognised Vox militants and others came cheered on by Abascal himself, who had already subliminally invited his own to use violence with a twisted interpretation of article 30 of the Constitution and recently even called on the police to revolt.

But don't think that Abascal grabbed a sword and went into battle. If there is one thing that the "evil-loving" politicians know well, and this one is also very vague, it is that when it comes to action they have to light the fuse and hide quickly so that others can do their dirty work for them and then be able to wriggle out of it if things get complicated.

But back to the bomb site. The issue is already beginning to run the risk of stagnating in the routine of everyday life. Yet another scandal that may end in the boredom of "normality" and which will always be less important to some than the "raging" news.

Already, international media are doing headline pirouettes to refer to the bombing of civilians as"falling bombs","exploding devices" or even just"an explosion". Nothing more. As if it were something fortuitous and without author or a meteorological agent. Something very similar to that"death that fell from the sky" rubbish.

There you have The New York Times, who came up with a filthy statement that goes like this:

"Explosion Gazans say was airstrike leaves many casualties in dense neighbourhood."

This shitty headline will also be remembered with shame, or not, but it will not be judged because if there is one thing we know, it is that history does not judge and that memory always ends up being manipulated and moulded to the taste of various fanatics.

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