The ViÑetas de Poitiers festival will pay tribute to Kim

El festival ViÑetas de Poitiers homenajeará a Kim
Poster for ViÑetas Poitiers 2022

The cartoonist Joaquim Aubert Puigarnau, Kim, will be honoured at the second edition of the ViÑetas festival, devoted exclusively to Spanish and Latin American comics, to be held from 28 September to 9 October 2022 in Poitiers.

To this end, a retrospective exhibition of his work entitled Kim, la vie et la BD will be mounted.

The exhibition will bring together 150 works, including comics and drawings, produced between 2015 and 2021

The ViÑetas de Poitiers festival will pay tribute to Kim

This festival, the only one of its kind in France, was created in 2020 with the aim of publicising, disseminating and promoting the most recent production of a large group of authors, illustrators and publishers who have transformed the ninth art scene in recent decades.

Here you have the program of the 2022 edition with the list of activities and activities.

About Kim

Born in Barcelona in 1941, he studied Fine Arts, although he never finished his degree. He started out as a cartoonist in the underground scene and fanzines in the mid-1970s. His first works were published in the musical magazine Vibrations magazine and then went on to other publications such as El Víbora, Mata Ratos and Por Favor.

One of his best-known creations is Martínez el Facha, a series published without interruption for 38 years from the first issue from May 1977 to 11 March 2015, which parodied the Spanish extreme right-wing and is now part of the history of Spanish comics

The ViÑetas de Poitiers festival will pay tribute to Kim
Martínez el facha: Spain needs you! Pendones del Humor Collection nº 18 (1986)

His work was recognised with the Grand Prize at the 1995 Barcelona International Comic Fair and also with the XII International Humour Prize in 2007 El Gat Perich in 2007.

The ViÑetas de Poitiers festival will pay tribute to Kim

In 2010, together with Antonio Altarriba, he received the Premio Nacional del Cómic (National Comic Award) for The art of flyinga biography of Altarriba’s father, which is also one of the best chronicles of Spain in the last century

In 2016 the two authors published El ala rota, a new portrait of 20th century Spain narrated this time through the eyes of the scriptwriter’s mother. Their latest work is Snow in the pockets (Norma) an autobiographical graphic novel.

About the festival

ViÑetas is the result of a collaboration between Alain Bèlgue, professor of Hispanic studies at the University of Poitiers, Emma Herrán Alonso, professor of Spanish at the Nelson Mandela Institute, and Alfonso Zapico, author and winner of the Spanish National Comic Prize in 2012.

The ViÑetas festival is organised by the cultural association “Ménines” and is supported by the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the City of Poitiers, the Grand Poitiers, the University of Poitiers, the Société française des intérêts des auteurs de l’écrit (Sofia), the public body Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), the Cultural Office of the Spanish Embassy in France, the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société (MSHS) of Poitiers, the Réseau régional de recherche de la Bande Dessinée Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the research unit FoReLLIS (UR 3816 – Forms and Representations in Linguistics, Literature and the Arts of Image and Scene, University of Poitiers) and the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image (Angoulême), as well as the collaboration of the Bulles d’encre bookshop, the Espace Mendès France and the Le Dietrich cinema in Poitiers.

In its first edition, the festival welcomed some of the most renowned Spanish and Latin American authors, such as Antonio Altarriba, Juanjo Guarnido, Kim, Ana Miralles, José Luis Munuera, Javier Olivares, Álvaro Ortiz, Sole Otero, Pepo Pérez, Miguelanxo Prado, Paco Roca, Fermín Solís, Núria Tamarit, Lucas Varela and Alfonso Zapico, co-organiser of the event. Also in attendance were Ibán García del Blanco, a specialist in cultural industries and innovation, MEP and former director of the public body AC/E, created to disseminate Spanish culture, and Jean-Philippe Martin, scientific adviser to the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image.

The challenges of translation in comics were addressed by Ellinor Broman, Swedish translator and founder of the publishing house Palabra förlag, which specialises in Spanish and Latin American literature, Alexandra Carrasco-Rahal and Hélène Dauniol-Remaud, both of whom are also professional translators.

In addition, various activities were organised for the general public, secondary schools and higher education.

Kim’s retrospective exhibition, from 04/10/2022 to 08/10/2022.

Palais des Comtes de Poitou – Ducs d’Aquitaine
10 place Alphonse Lepetit86000

Page of the 2022 edition

Festival website.

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