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Argentina, Tongues of fire
Tongues of fire. Vignette of 04/09/2022 in CTXT

Every son of a neighbour already knows this because the images have gone around the world. A guy named Fernando Sabag Montiel tried to assassinate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the Argentinean vice-president.

Sabag aimed at Kirchner's face and pulled the trigger twice on his semi-automatic pistol, an old Bersa model Lusber 84, calibre 32 (7.65 mm), but it didn't work.

What automatically followed was another blame game. On the one hand, the growing hate speech was blamed for the assassination attempt. On the other, opponents fed the usual absurd pile of conspiracy theories, accompanied by a campaign of lies and disinformation, to blame Kirchner and his supporters for artificial victimhood and the orchestration of a fake attack.

In El País, in their editorial of September 3rd, titled "The attack on Cristina Kirchner", they go a step further and go down the middle road by taking the theory (understandable as a starting point) of "tension". They start by saying that"The attempted assassination of the Argentine vice-president should be a turning point to reduce political polarisation".

Other media also flirt with polarisation, tension and/or political disaffection used in a more or less ambiguous way.

Thus, El País decides to remain in no man's land, they will know why, to blame "political polarisation" in general for having tried to blow Kirchner's face off

In its editorial, it sentences:

"The first lesson to be drawn from this episode is the obligation of Argentine political forces to lower the tension and, above all, the outright refusal to use this attack to unleash new rivalries."

There are no fascists, assassins or fascist assassins here, for El País it is all the fault of both sides equally and they are the ones who should "lower the tension" and not point too much at the assassins, lest they get angry and things escalate

A plea for the most petty and mean-spirited equidistance.

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