13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks


I've been using GenerateBlocks for about two months now and I'm very happy with the change from Elementor, here are the reasons why.

Simple and minimalistic

13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks

No unnecessary distractions, simple and minimalist, the hallmark of Tom Usborne, creator of GeneratePress. Four blocks with which they announce that you can do almost anything, and so it is.

If you prefer to have fewer but more versatile things and don't need a lot of frills, these four container blocks, grid, headline and buttons, are a very good starting point.

Lightweight and fast

13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks

It has a clean HTML output and only generates 1 file with the strictly necessary CSS which is usually no larger than 2 KB and uses absolutely no javascript or jQuery so the impact is minimal.

Clean code

13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks

Its code does without unnecessary additions that can fatten and affect the loading speed, as happens with Elementor and other builders, but without sacrificing features, usability, stability or performance to get clean and fast pages with HTML5 and dynamic CSS.

Free version

GenerateBlocks is available in the WordPress repository for free and this version is more than enough to build anything you can think of. The paid version adds some advanced features and the template library.

100% Responsive

13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks

The blocks are responsive with fine tuning for mobile, tablet and desktop. They are seamlessly integrated into Gutenberg, the native WordPress block editor, so the plugin does not interfere with the Core.

Learning curve

Where some see the learning curve as a problem, I see only advantages and benefits.

If you come from using a builder that gave you everything almost done and chewed, you may find yourself a bit lost at first, but if you force yourself to learn how to build the blocks from scratch, you will get out of the tedious and corseted world of templating and it may even stimulate your creativity.

Development, new version coming soon with major changes

13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks

New icons for the next version of GenerateBlocks designed by Mike Oliver.

GeneratePress Pro has been working for months on a new major version. In view of the new icons, it is supposed to include a new image block, a post template block and a Query Loop block. This will increase the number of blocks from four to seven.

On his GitHub you can keep an eye on the evolution of his work.

Wp Show Post integration

13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks

The next version of GeneratePress Pro will integrate Wp Show Post, which is a standalone plugin, also by Tom Usborne, that allows you to display different content from your blog anywhere on the page and which many of us use to create the typical related post module.

Query Loop options plus the possibilities of Wp Show Post will surely give more power and flexibility to GenerateBlocks.


13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks

As with GeneratePress, as the number of GenerateBlocks users grows, contributions from people sharing their templates, tips and tricks and tutorials are starting to appear.

A good example is Skool House's Creators Blocks, where Math has created a page with a free collection of 32 ready-to-use pre-built blocks.

There are also very useful tutorials, like the last one by Kyle Van Deusen, from The Admin Bar, who has recorded a 1 hour and a half video with the complete process (three hours) summarised of the reconstruction from scratch with GenerateBlocks and GeneratePress of a page made with Elementor.

In this post I wrote when I left Elementor you can find links to a few more tutorials.


Although it has fair but decent documentation, its community forums, like those of GeneratePress, continue to grow and are sure to become a vast pool of knowledge.

In contrast to the support for other plugins, the support staff is not only limited to solving possible problems with the plugin. They usually go far beyond their competences and even attend to design issues or give you a hand with specific settings. The best thing is that all these questions are posted here and can be read even if you are not logged in to the forum.

Can be used with any template

I've tested GenerateBlocks on other templates and it works perfectly, both on native, others from the WordPress repository and several premium templates.

It remains to be seen when GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks will embrace the Full Site Edition (FSE) of WordPress. In the forum I read that they are considering it, but that for the moment they will continue to wait until FSE is definitive, completely stable and consolidated.

Reasonably priced paid version

13 reasons to use GenerateBlocks

Its annual licence for one site costs 39 dollars compared to Elementor's 49 dollars, although it is logical, as Elementor offers some things that you will have to find your own way for in GenerateBlocks, such as forms (in my case I opted for Kadence) or modal windows, to name a few.

Good results with GeneratePress

Although it goes without saying that GenerateBlocks was conceived to work with GeneratePress, it is worth adding that the results of these two tools working together are rounded.

This post includes some affiliate links from GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks

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