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Housing Act, rent

Translation cartoon:

"You'll never get a house in your fucking life
You'll never have a house in your fucking life and no money to rent it".

Fair rent. Cartoon of 20/03/2021 in CTXT

You blink twice and 15 years have gone by. Those were times when being a mileurista was a screwed-up life, you see. Who would have caught them!

Today, after the arrival of the virus, wages are even more depressed and the labour market is even deader than the wasteland it already was.

The first years of the 2000s were a time of various mobilisations, some of the most massive and well-remembered of which were over housing. In those days it was drawn a lot the first of these mobilisations was about property speculation and all the issues associated with what was called the subprime mortgage crisis.

Although the germ of the housing movements emerged at the end of 2003 with the creation of the Platform for Decent Housing and the first mass mobilisation in Madrid took place in 2005, in 2006 new demonstrations called by the assembly "V de Vivienda" under the slogan " No vas a tener una casa en la puta vida", with the support of the Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna, were reflected in a good part of the cities of the country.

It is inevitable not to feel a sense of failure and hopelessness. It is no longer that the housing problem has not been solved, but that it has got worse. Much worse. There are cities where a third-world cubicle in a shared flat costs much more than what was paid for a mortgage, evictions continue and poverty has normalised.

The endless brick

After listening to Ábalos to drop his phrase miserable about "the market good", it was a foregone conclusion that the Housing Law was already set up as a parade designed to shit all over their commitment to regulate rental prices. It was a foregone conclusion that they had no intention of abandoning the brick-and-mortar model, based on the speculation which benefits the usual big profiteers and which has left so much ruin.

Cartoon of 22/04/2018


"Hurry up! They're fleeing mortgages, aim for rents!".

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