Israel's diplomacy

Israel's diplomacy

Israel's diplomacy. Cartoon of 11/05/2024 in CTXT

The UN Assembly passed a resolution calling for Palestine to become a full member of the United Nations with 143 states voting in favour, 25 abstentions and 9 against. The vote on the resolution was pushed by more than 70 countries, including Spain, Ireland, Norway and Belgium.

Voting against this "recommendation" were the US and Israel, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Papua New Guinea.

The decision was taken by the General Assembly following the US veto in the Security Council against granting full membership to Palestine. Although the observer status of the State of Palestine remains unchanged, the new rights give it greater diplomatic weight.

Although Palestine remains an observer state, it does not have the right to vote in the General Assembly or to present its candidacy to UN bodies such as the Security Council or the Economic and Social Council, but, among other rights, the resolution grants the State of Palestine:

  • the right to occupy a seat among the Member States in alphabetical order
  • the right to be included on the list of speakers for agenda items other than Palestinian and Middle East issues, in the order in which he or she wishes to speak
  • the right to make statements on behalf of a group, including among representatives of the major groups
  • the right to table proposals and amendments and to introduce them, including orally, also on behalf of a group
  • the right of the members of the delegation of the State of Palestine to be elected to the Bureau of the Plenary and the Main Committees of the General Assembly
  • the right to participate fully and effectively in United Nations conferences and in international conferences and meetings convened under the auspices of the General Assembly or, as appropriate, under the auspices of other United Nations bodies, consistent with their participation in the high-level political forum on sustainable development

In his speech, Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, shredded a small symbolic founding charter of the United Nations, the very charter by which Israel exists as a sovereign nation, in protest at the outcome of the vote because, according to this sociopath, it amounts to"giving all privileges to the future terrorist state of Hamas" and went on to talk about Hitler and the usual crap of their propaganda to which we are accustomed.

If this symbolic act had been carried out in the same terms by any Arab leader at the UN, he would have been dragged out of the room and we would now be talking about a third and fourth world war together, but the bull that the US grants Israel is now good for any outrage. Thus, the criminal and genocidal Netanyahu continues to grow and we see how his pyromania knows no bounds.

On 10 May, the US State Department in its infinite hypocrisy and in an attempt to huff and puff came out with a "report" that concludes that"maybe, perhaps, who knows, it is possible, it may, we are not sure, it is likely that Israel is a bit of a war criminal and genocidal".

The rest of the resulting headlines are all the same suit.

US sees Israel likely to have behaved "inconsistently" with international humanitarian law'.

Three days later, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, in a press conference, made amends by denying genocide.

"We believe that Israel can and must do more to ensure the protection and welfare of innocent civilians. We do not believe that what is happening in Gaza is genocide".

For those complicit in the ongoing genocide, it is "likely" that Israel has violated international law, but they claim they have insufficient evidence. The more than 35,300 civilians killed there(39,675 according to Euro-Med Monitor) do not even suffice as evidence.

How many thousands killed do you need to intuit ethical cleansing? One million? Two? We are writing the saddest pages of history while we entertain ourselves with genocide pills on the internet that pile up to form a mountain of evidence of genocide that is already so high that it has covered any glimmer of justice.

Another subject that is still pending is to thoroughly examine and harshly reprove the shitty role that some, too many, media and agencies are playing.

Like EFE, (Spanish public news agency) which prefers to talk about deaths, people dying just like that. There is no fair adjective to describe this rubbish. An insult to intelligence and to anyone who has any appreciation for the very worthy profession of reporting.

The UN's top court has opened two days of hearings on a South African request to pressure Israel to halt its military operation in the southern Gaza town of Rafah, where more than half of Gaza's population has sought refuge.(Via Menéame).

While all this is going on, the pro-Palestinian protests at Columbia University are spreading to other campuses, also in other countries, and the encampments and acts of repression by the forces of law and order are being reproduced.

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