Marlaska, border management

Marlaska, border management

Marlaska, border management. Cartoon of 12/11/2022 in CTXT

"I'm calm, I'm not thinking of resigning", said Marlaska after the evidence shown by the BBC's Africa Eye programme.

The BBC's investigative report shows that Spanish police saw, and did not prevent, dozens of migrants dying on the border with Morocco during the incidents of 24 June that left 27 people dead.

Marlaska, border management 1

In the documentary, which shows some already well-known images, the violence of the Moroccan gendarmes, who even dragged corpses from one territory to another, can be seen, as well as the hot returns carried out by the Spanish agents, whom it accuses of not preventing the deaths.

The images in the documentary contradict the version defended by Marlaska and show that there were deaths on Spanish territory, but Marlaska is calm because this sinister character knows how these things end. There you have the shameful outcome of the Tarajal murders in February 2014.

It does not matter that Strasbourg condemns Spain for irregular expulsions, popularly known as "en caliente". Nor does it matter how many times Spain is condemned for this issue. Marlaska knows he is unpunished because there are no consequences. Spain has accumulated three decades of illegal expulsions ("irregular" they call them to soften them), usually accompanied by violent and disproportionate police interventions

In terms of border policy, the PSOE's management is absolutely no different from that of the Partido Popular and would even be bought by Abascal himself and his pack of haters.

Among all the weekly bullshit, at least we can highlight the news of the first conviction in Spain of a civil guard for publishing hoaxes against migrant minors.

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